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6 Beaches to Love This July 4 (and All Summer Long)

News Jul 3, 2024

You might already have a preferred beach spot — one where you’ve mastered the art of finding free parking, know the best shaded areas, and can anticipate the arrival of the ice cream truck.

If you’re considering trying out new beaches this summer, here are six destinations across the United States to spark your wanderlust.

Keep in mind that this July 4th holiday period is expected to be a busy one. Nearly 71 million people are projected to travel 50 or more miles from home between June 29 and July 7, with over 60 million hitting the roads. Stay safe and plan your journey with ample time.

Which U.S. beach do you believe is unbeatable? Share your thoughts in the comments (or keep it a secret — we understand).

Discover a refreshing gem in Rhode Island

Next time you find yourself stuck in traffic heading towards popular spots like the Hamptons or Cape Cod, consider the appeal of South County, Rhode Island (officially known as Washington County). This beautiful area boasts 100 miles of coastline and is just two and a half hours from Manhattan and one and a half hours from Boston, with no need for planes or ferries. Between Watch Hill and Charlestown, 14 public beaches await your exploration.

South County, Rhode Island
Source: Providence CVB

Sprint down an epic dune to sparkling Lake Michigan

Dashing down the Dune Climb, a 300-foot sand dune, is a favorite activity at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore in northwest Michigan. Children tumble and laugh, their voices mingling with the calls of herring gulls above. At the base, you'll find the stunning, blue expanse of Lake Michigan. Be prepared for the challenging climb back up, which is both a test of endurance and a chance to savor the beauty around you.

Philip A. Hart Visitor Center for the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore
Source: Sleeping Bear Resort

Stroll and splash along a serene beach path on Maui

The Wailea Beach Path on Maui’s southern coast offers a glimpse into the island’s dual nature: on one side, luxurious resorts feature swim-up bars and evening torch-lighting rituals. On the other side, native plants like sweet-smelling naio bushes, prickly hala trees, and vibrant hibiscus flowers line the rocky shore. Enjoy refreshing dips in the ocean along the way.

Wailea Beach Path, Maui's Premier Beachfront Walking Path,
Source: Maui Vacation Advisors

Take a loop to hidden Oregon beaches

Road trippers on the West Coast who stick to U.S. 101 miss out on a hidden treasure. The Three Capes Scenic Loop stretches 40 miles along rugged cliffs, through ancient Sitka spruce forests, and past charming beaches, including those along Netarts Bay, known for its string of oyster farms.

Three Capes Scenic Route & a tree or two
Source: Tilamook Coast

Seek your “perfect beach” on Puerto Rico’s northern coast

Have you ever visited a beach so breathtaking that you worry it might not match your cherished memories? For writer Mya Guarnieri, that beach was Punta Caracoles in Puerto Rico, about an hour west of San Juan. Her quest to find it again led her to several other northern coast beaches, such as La Poza del Obispo, where a natural rock formation creates a crystal-clear pool ideal for floating — which could become your perfect beach, too.

Playa Caracoles en Arecibo | Puerto rico, Paisajes, Islas
Source: Pinterest

Pick your paradise along Florida’s 30A

The stretch along State Road 30A in the Florida Panhandle is renowned for its soft “sugar sand,” made of pulverized quartz crystal carried down from the Appalachians millennia ago. Sink your feet into the sand at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park, featuring three miles of pristine coastline. Be on the lookout for the sail-shaped dune that rises 25 feet and inspired the park’s name. Before swimming, check the beach for warning flags that may indicate hazardous conditions.

Florida Hidden Gems: Secret Spots on Florida Panhandle
Source: - McCool Travel


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