21 Best Things to Do in Wesley Chapel

21 Best Things to Do in Wesley Chapel

21 Best Things to Do in Wesley Chapel

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Wesley Chapel, Florida, is a treasure trove of activities, adventures, and experiences that cater to every taste and interest. Located in the heart of Pasco County, this rapidly growing area offers an eclectic blend of natural beauty, outdoor activities, shopping, dining, and cultural experiences. Whether you're a local resident or a visiting traveler, Wesley Chapel serves as a gateway to a multitude of enriching activities. From trekking through nearby parks and spotting native wildlife to indulging in local culinary delights and experiencing world-class shopping, there's no shortage of things to do in this vibrant community. But that's not all; Wesley Chapel is also conveniently located near Tampa, extending your range of possibilities even further.

See Wesley Chapel from the Sky with a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Wesley Chapel isn't just beautiful at ground level—it's also breathtaking from the sky. If you're looking to add a dose of adventure and romance to your visit, consider taking a hot air balloon ride. Floating gracefully above the landscape, you’ll be greeted by a panoramic view of the stunning Floridian terrain, which could include lush forests, winding rivers, and the distant Tampa skyline.

As you ascend, the balloon drifts calmly, making it a peaceful yet exhilarating experience. A hot air balloon ride is perfect for special occasions like anniversaries, proposals, or even just a memorable family outing. Early morning and late afternoon flights offer the best conditions and take advantage of the golden light that photographers adore. Safety is always a priority, and experienced pilots guide each flight, ensuring a smooth experience from start to finish.

Source: Tampa Bay Times

Upon landing, it's traditional to celebrate the flight with a champagne toast, creating a perfect end to an unforgettable experience. Companies offering hot air balloon rides in the Wesley Chapel area often provide various packages, including options for private flights and photography. It’s not every day you get to see the world from such heights, making a hot air balloon ride over Wesley Chapel an experience you won't easily forget.

Skate at AdventHealth Center Ice

If you’re looking for a cool escape from the Florida sun, AdventHealth Center Ice in Wesley Chapel offers the perfect solution. Boasting the title of the largest ice sports facility in the Southeastern United States, this arena is a haven for ice-skating enthusiasts, hockey players, and figure skaters alike. With multiple rinks, including an Olympic-sized rink, the center provides ample space for skaters of all skill levels.

Beginners are welcome and can take advantage of skating lessons offered by experienced instructors. Children and adults alike can learn the basics or hone their skills through various classes and programs. If you're already a pro on the ice, there are plenty of opportunities to join amateur hockey leagues or participate in figure skating competitions.

For those who prefer to watch rather than participate, the center often hosts exciting hockey games and figure skating performances. The venue is well-equipped with a pro shop for all your gear needs, and if you work up an appetite while skating, there’s an onsite restaurant where you can refuel.

Source: AdventHealth Center Ice

What makes AdventHealth Center Ice stand out is its commitment to community engagement and sports development. The facility regularly partners with local schools and organizations to promote physical fitness and teamwork through ice sports. Whether you're a seasoned skater or strapping on your blades for the first time, a visit to AdventHealth Center Ice offers a unique, chill-filled adventure.

Play Tennis at Saddlebrook Resort

If you're a tennis enthusiast, Saddlebrook Resort in Wesley Chapel should be high on your list of places to visit. Known as one of Florida's premier tennis facilities, the resort offers an impressive 45 courts, including all four Grand Slam surfaces: grass, clay, hard, and even an American “Rebound Ace.” Whether you’re a beginner looking to pick up the sport or an advanced player seeking to perfect your skills, Saddlebrook offers an unparalleled tennis experience.

Under the guidance of trained professionals, the resort offers lessons and clinics designed to improve your game. From one-on-one instruction to group sessions, there are a variety of programs tailored to meet the needs of players at all levels. High-performance camps are also available for those looking to take their game to the next level.

Source: Tripadvisor

In addition to exceptional training programs, Saddlebrook Resort also offers the chance to experience the sport in a luxury setting. Between games, you can relax at the spa, take a dip in the pool, or enjoy fine dining options available on-site. The resort often hosts tournaments and exhibitions, providing an opportunity to witness some top-tier tennis action. In essence, Saddlebrook Resort offers not just tennis courts, but a complete tennis lifestyle.

Explore the Stores of the Shoppes at New Tampa

Wesley Chapel is not just a place for outdoor activities and sports; it's also a great destination for some retail therapy. Located in the heart of the community, the Shoppes at New Tampa offers a variety of shopping options that cater to diverse tastes and budgets. This shopping center features a mix of popular national retailers, boutique shops, and dining establishments, providing a well-rounded shopping experience.

Source: Brevitas 

As you stroll through the Shoppes, you’ll encounter stores that offer everything from fashionable apparel and accessories to home goods and electronics. For those looking for unique finds, several boutique shops offer one-of-a-kind items that you won't find anywhere else. This makes the Shoppes at New Tampa a perfect place to hunt for gifts or special souvenirs to remember your trip by.

Dining is also an integral part of the Shoppes at New Tampa experience. Whether you're in the mood for a quick snack or a sit-down meal, the shopping center offers a diverse array of food options, from fast-food chains to upscale restaurants.

During the year, the Shoppes at New Tampa often hosts special events like seasonal festivals, farmer's markets, and live performances. These events add a community-focused, festive atmosphere to the shopping center, making it more than just a place to spend money but also a spot to enjoy a vibrant local culture.

Ace a Hole in One at Lexington Oaks Golf Club

If golf is your game, then a trip to Lexington Oaks Golf Club in Wesley Chapel is an absolute must. Designed by renowned architect Gordon G. Lewis, this 18-hole course offers a diverse playing experience that caters to golfers of all skill levels. With its pristine fairways, challenging hazards, and beautifully manicured greens, the course is as scenic as it is enjoyable to play. It offers a unique blend of natural beauty and strategically-placed challenges, making each hole an adventure in its own right.

Golfers can opt for a quick practice session at the driving range or take advantage of professional lessons to improve their swing. Lexington Oaks also has a pro shop stocked with the latest golf gear and attire, ensuring that you have everything you need for a day on the links. After a round of golf, players often head to the clubhouse to unwind. The clubhouse features a full-service restaurant and bar, providing a cozy environment to relax and recount the highlights of your game.

Source: Lexington Oaks Golf Club

Beyond the course and amenities, what sets Lexington Oaks apart is its friendly and welcoming community. The club often hosts tournaments, league play, and social events, offering plenty of opportunities to meet fellow golf enthusiasts. Whether you're looking to play a casual round or compete in a more formal setting, Lexington Oaks Golf Club delivers an exceptional golfing experience.

See Exotic Birds at Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary

Animal lovers and bird enthusiasts will find a hidden gem in Wesley Chapel: the Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary. This unique sanctuary is dedicated to the care and conservation of abandoned or surrendered exotic birds, including parrots, macaws, and cockatoos. Unlike traditional zoos, the sanctuary focuses on creating a naturalistic environment for its feathered residents, allowing them to live in conditions that are as close to their natural habitat as possible.

The sanctuary offers guided tours where you can learn about the different species, their behaviors, and the efforts being made to conserve these incredible creatures. The tours also provide an opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the birds, making it a truly interactive experience. For those interested in the avian world, the Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary provides an unparalleled educational experience.

Source: Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary

Beyond the educational aspect, what makes a visit to this sanctuary so rewarding is knowing that you're supporting a noble cause. The Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary is a non-profit organization that relies on donations and volunteer efforts to provide the best possible life for these exotic birds. Many of the birds have been rescued from less-than-ideal conditions and the sanctuary serves as a forever home for these incredible animals.

Whether you're an avid birdwatcher or simply someone who appreciates the beauty and intelligence of these exotic birds, a visit to the Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary is both enlightening and heartwarming.

Watch a Film at the Grove Theater at Wesley Chapel

If you're in the mood for a cinematic experience, the Grove Theater at Wesley Chapel offers the perfect setting. Located in the Grove at Wesley Chapel shopping complex, this modern multiplex showcases the latest blockbusters as well as occasional indie films and classics. The theater prides itself on offering a top-notch viewing experience, featuring advanced projection and sound systems, as well as comfortable seating that includes luxurious recliners in some auditoriums.

In addition to the regular popcorn and soda, the Grove Theater also offers a variety of gourmet snacks and refreshments, elevating the movie-going experience to a whole new level. For those who prefer an adult beverage while watching a film, there's a bar that serves cocktails, wine, and craft beers. This allows you to truly unwind and enjoy your movie in a more sophisticated environment than your average theater.

One of the most appealing aspects of this theater is its commitment to community engagement. Besides screening films, the venue hosts special events like themed movie nights, premieres, and even Q&A sessions with filmmakers. So, whether you're an avid film buff or simply looking for a way to beat the Florida heat, the Grove Theater at Wesley Chapel offers an entertainment experience that goes beyond just watching a movie.

Join an Annual Event at the Shops at Wiregrass

When it comes to community events and shopping, the Shops at Wiregrass in Wesley Chapel is the place to be. This open-air lifestyle center is more than just a shopping mall; it's a community hub that hosts a variety of annual events, transforming ordinary shopping trips into memorable experiences.

One of the most popular events is the Wiregrass Car & Truck Show, attracting automobile enthusiasts from all around the area to marvel at classic and modern vehicles. During the holidays, the Shops at Wiregrass goes all out with its "Symphony in Lights," a dazzling display of over 250,000 LED lights synchronized to holiday music, offering a mesmerizing experience for visitors of all ages.

In the fall, the center hosts a farmers' market showcasing local produce, handmade crafts, and artisanal goods. This provides a platform for local farmers and craftsmen to sell their products, and for shoppers to buy fresh, locally sourced items. In addition to these events, there are regular live music performances, children's activities, and workshops, making the Shops at Wiregrass a buzzing social center throughout the year.

The shopping center itself is home to a variety of retail stores, ranging from popular brands to unique boutiques, as well as a wide array of dining options to suit all tastes. Whether you're in the mood for fast food or fine dining, you'll find something to satisfy your palate. Combining shopping, dining, and entertainment, the Shops at Wiregrass offers a comprehensive experience that’s elevated by its diverse roster of annual events.

Test Your Problem-Solving Skills at Mouse Trap Escape

For those who love a good challenge and enjoy solving puzzles, Mouse Trap Escape in Wesley Chapel offers a thrilling experience. As escape rooms have gained popularity for their immersive environments and mind-bending challenges, Mouse Trap Escape stands out with its creatively designed rooms and intricate puzzles. The experience is perfect for families, friends, and even corporate teams looking for a team-building exercise.

Upon arrival, you'll be briefed on your mission and the story behind the room you've selected. From there, you'll be locked in and the countdown begins! Whether you're solving a murder mystery, breaking out of prison, or uncovering hidden treasures, each room offers a unique storyline filled with a variety of clues, riddles, and puzzles that you must solve to escape within a set time limit.

The puzzles are designed to be challenging but achievable, promoting critical thinking, teamwork, and communication. The sense of urgency created by the ticking clock adds an adrenaline rush to the experience, making the triumphant moment of escape even sweeter.

Mouse Trap Escape is ideal for people of all ages and skill levels, as the rooms can be adjusted for difficulty. Whether you're new to escape rooms or a seasoned veteran, Mouse Trap Escape offers an engaging and mentally stimulating experience that's not to be missed.

Source: Tampa FL

Try Delicious Meals at Grillsmith

When it comes to dining in Wesley Chapel, Grillsmith stands out as a local favorite. Specializing in classic American cuisine with a modern twist, this restaurant offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for both casual meals and special occasions. Whether you're dining as a couple, a family, or a larger group, Grillsmith's varied menu ensures that there's something for everyone.

From mouth-watering steaks and succulent seafood to hearty salads and decadent desserts, the menu is crafted with a focus on quality ingredients and exquisite flavors. The chefs employ artisan cooking techniques like grilling, sautéing, and frying to bring out the best in each dish. They also take pride in creating house-made sauces and marinades, adding a unique touch to traditional favorites.

What sets Grillsmith apart is not just the excellent food, but also the dining experience. The staff is attentive and knowledgeable, ready to recommend the perfect wine to pair with your meal or explain the day's specials. The restaurant's interior design contributes to a cozy yet upscale atmosphere, combining rustic elements with modern accents.

Explore Cypress Creek Flood Detention Area

Nature enthusiasts will find a refreshing escape at the Cypress Creek Flood Detention Area in Wesley Chapel. This expansive natural area serves a dual purpose: it's a vital flood control mechanism for the region and also a recreational space for outdoor activities. While the main purpose of the area is to manage floodwater and protect the local environment, the detention area has become a popular spot for hiking, bird-watching, and even fishing.

The detention area is characterized by its serene, marsh-like environment, complete with a variety of wetland plants, cypress trees, and abundant wildlife. It's not uncommon to spot native species of birds, fish, and even the occasional alligator in this ecological haven. Designated trails take you through the natural landscape, providing ample opportunity for photography or simply enjoying the tranquility of the surroundings.

Source: Watermatters

While the area is beautiful at any time of the year, visiting after a rainstorm can be particularly rewarding. The flood detention function of the area comes into full effect, and you can witness the incredible power of natural water management while surrounded by scenic beauty. Whether you're an avid naturalist or just looking for a quiet place to relax, the Cypress Creek Flood Detention Area offers a unique natural setting with educational insights into local flood management.

Practice Your Skills at Highland Axe Throwing

For an adventurous twist to your Wesley Chapel experience, why not try your hand at axe throwing at Highland Axe Throwing? Located in the heart of Wesley Chapel, this exciting venue offers a unique form of recreation that's rapidly growing in popularity. Ideal for groups of friends, family outings, or corporate team-building events, Highland Axe Throwing provides a fun and safe environment to test your axe-throwing skills.

Upon arrival, trained instructors will guide you through the safety protocols and basics of axe throwing. You'll learn the correct techniques for gripping the axe, taking aim, and releasing it toward the wooden targets. Once you're comfortable with the basics, you can participate in a variety of games and challenges, making the experience both competitive and social.

Source: WEKU

Highland Axe Throwing also prioritizes safety with well-designed throwing lanes separated by protective barriers. The axes themselves are specially designed for throwing, and all equipment is regularly inspected to ensure it meets safety standards. For those who want to make an event out of it, the venue offers party packages that include reserved lanes, a dedicated coach, and even food and drink options.

Whether you're a first-timer or an axe-throwing aficionado, Highland Axe Throwing offers a unique, adrenaline-pumping activity that's sure to make your visit to Wesley Chapel memorable.

Play with Your Creative Imagination at B Creative Painting Studio

Unleash your artistic side at B Creative Painting Studio, a vibrant space that invites people of all ages to explore their creativity. Located in Wesley Chapel, the studio offers a range of artistic activities, from pottery painting to canvas art, allowing you to choose the medium that best suits your creative inclinations. It's a perfect spot for solo adventures, family outings, or even date nights.

Upon entering the studio, you'll be greeted by a colorful array of art supplies and blank canvases just waiting for your personal touch. Whether you're an experienced artist or a complete beginner, the welcoming staff are always on hand to offer guidance and tips to help you create your masterpiece. The studio provides all the materials you'll need, so all you have to do is show up and let your imagination run wild.

Source: Tripadvisor

What sets B Creative Painting Studio apart is its focus on the process of creating, rather than just the end result. The studio has a relaxed, stress-free atmosphere, encouraging visitors to take their time and enjoy the journey of artistic exploration. Frequent workshops and special events are also available for those interested in honing their skills or learning new techniques.

Grab a Cold Beer at Florida Avenue Brewing Co.

For beer enthusiasts, no trip to Wesley Chapel would be complete without a visit to Florida Avenue Brewing Co. This local brewery offers a delightful array of craft beers, brewed with a dedication to quality and flavor. The brewery's taproom provides a cozy, laid-back setting where you can sample a variety of brews, from hoppy IPAs to rich stouts and everything in between.

One of the standout features of Florida Avenue Brewing Co. is its commitment to innovation. The brewery often releases limited-edition seasonal beers, experimental brews, and unique collaborations with other local businesses. This makes each visit a new experience, as there's always something new on tap to tantalize your taste buds.

Source: Florida Avenue Brewing Co.

In addition to great beer, Florida Avenue Brewing Co. offers a social experience that goes beyond the pint glass. The brewery hosts a variety of events, such as trivia nights, live music performances, and even brewing workshops where you can learn the basics of crafting your own beer. Some events are geared toward educating patrons about the intricate world of craft beer, including tastings that explain the nuances of different beer styles and brewing methods.

Whether you're a craft beer aficionado or a casual drinker looking to try something new, Florida Avenue Brewing Co. offers a relaxed and welcoming environment to enjoy high-quality brews and the good company of fellow beer lovers.

Indulge in a Spa Treatment

After all the outdoor activities and exploration in Wesley Chapel, you might be in the mood for some relaxation and pampering. Enter the world of tranquility by indulging in a spa treatment at one of the many wellness centers that the area has to offer. These establishments provide a wide array of services designed to rejuvenate both your body and mind.

From luxurious facials that brighten and refresh your complexion, to full-body massages that work out every kink and knot, there's a spa treatment for everyone. Specialized options might include hot stone therapy, aromatherapy sessions, or even a couples' spa day complete with champagne and gourmet snacks. Many spa centers also offer additional services like detoxifying body wraps, invigorating scrubs, and holistic treatments like acupuncture and reflexology.

As you step into the softly lit spa room, any stresses or worries you may have begin to melt away. The certified therapists are experts in their respective treatments, ensuring you are comfortable and relaxed throughout your experience. It's the attention to detail in these establishments—from the soothing background music to the luxurious linens—that truly elevates the experience.

Whether you are a local looking for a day of pampering or a tourist wanting to include a spa day in your vacation itinerary, a spa treatment in Wesley Chapel provides the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation.

Delight in Italian-inspired meals at Noble Crust

Food lovers seeking an Italian-American fusion experience should make a point to visit Noble Crust in Wesley Chapel. With its warm and inviting atmosphere, the restaurant offers an innovative menu that combines Southern cooking techniques with Italian flavors, resulting in dishes that are both familiar and excitingly new.

As soon as you walk in, you're greeted by the welcoming ambiance, characterized by modern rustic decor and an open kitchen layout that allows you to see the chefs in action. Whether you choose to sit indoors or opt for the alfresco dining experience on the patio, the restaurant provides a cozy setting perfect for any occasion.

Source: Noble Crust

The menu at Noble Crust is diverse and creative. Start off with appetizers like calamari or house-made meatballs before diving into main courses that range from wood-fired pizzas and pasta dishes to hearty entrées like chicken Parmesan or shrimp and grits. Ingredients are sourced locally whenever possible, ensuring that each dish is fresh and flavorful.

Don't forget to check out their extensive wine list, curated to complement the diverse flavors on the menu. If wine isn't your thing, the restaurant also offers a selection of craft beers and cocktails, crafted to perfection by skilled bartenders.

Noble Crust not only delivers on the food front but also offers exceptional service, with staff who are eager to make recommendations and accommodate any dietary needs. Whether you're looking for a romantic dinner, a family outing, or a casual meal with friends, Noble Crust provides a dining experience that combines the comfort of Southern hospitality with the rich flavors of Italian cuisine.

Trek the Trails of Lettuce Lake Park

While not technically in Wesley Chapel, Lettuce Lake Park is just a short drive away and offers an incredible natural experience that outdoor enthusiasts won't want to miss. Covering over 240 acres, this Hillsborough County park is a verdant oasis featuring hardwood swamps, pine flatwoods, and, of course, the picturesque Lettuce Lake.

One of the main attractions is the extensive trail system that winds through the park. Whether you’re a casual walker or an avid hiker, there’s a trail suitable for you. The boardwalk trail is especially popular, offering a leisurely stroll through swampy areas and providing opportunities to spot various species of birds, turtles, and other wildlife.

Source: Hillsborough County

For those more interested in educational activities, the park also features an interpretive center, where visitors can learn about the local ecosystem and its inhabitants. Guided tours are often available on weekends, led by park rangers who can share in-depth knowledge about the park's flora and fauna.

Lettuce Lake Park is a splendid place for photography, picnics, and even kayaking or canoeing. It offers a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle, making it an excellent choice for nature lovers looking to spend a day immersed in Florida’s captivating landscapes.

Find Gators at Hillsborough River State Park

Another great outdoor venue close to Wesley Chapel is the Hillsborough River State Park. Spanning over 3,000 acres, the park is known for its beautiful landscapes that include pine flatwoods, hardwood forests, and the swiftly flowing Hillsborough River. But for many visitors, the main attraction is the chance to see Florida’s most famous reptile—the American alligator—in its natural habitat.

Source: Flovibez

Well-maintained trails along the river provide the best opportunities to spot these fascinating creatures. While it's critical to maintain a safe distance and never feed or approach the alligators, their presence adds a layer of excitement to any hiking or kayaking excursion. The park is also home to the Fort Foster Historic Site, a reconstructed fort from the Second Seminole War, adding a bit of history to your outdoor adventure.

Beyond gator spotting, the park offers a variety of activities such as fishing, camping, and picnicking. Several paved and unpaved trails cater to hikers, cyclists, and even horseback riders. The park also has amenities like playgrounds and a pool, making it a family-friendly destination.

So whether you're an adventurer at heart, a history buff, or simply someone who loves spending time in nature, Hillsborough River State Park offers a rich, multifaceted experience that can be tailored to suit all interests.

Spend a Day in Tampa

Just a short drive from Wesley Chapel, the bustling city of Tampa offers a myriad of activities and attractions suitable for all types of travelers. With its blend of cultural offerings, world-class entertainment, and natural beauty, spending a day in Tampa is a great way to add some urban flavor to your Wesley Chapel trip.

Start your day with a visit to Ybor City, Tampa's historic district. Once the cigar capital of the world, Ybor City now boasts charming cobblestone streets, unique shops, and a variety of restaurants and cafes. You can take a guided walking tour to learn about the area's rich history, or simply enjoy a café con leche and some Cuban bread as you take in the sights.

For families, the Florida Aquarium and ZooTampa at Lowry Park offer a fun and educational experience. The Florida Aquarium is home to more than 20,000 sea creatures, and its interactive exhibits make learning about marine life fun for kids and adults alike. ZooTampa provides a more terrestrial adventure, featuring animals from around the world in habitats designed to mimic their natural environments.

If you're more interested in arts and culture, don't miss the Tampa Museum of Art or the Straz Center for the Performing Arts. The museum's collection includes classical, modern, and contemporary pieces, and the Straz Center offers a variety of performances, ranging from Broadway shows to opera and ballet.

Sports enthusiasts might want to catch a game at the Raymond James Stadium, home to the NFL's Tampa Bay Buccaneers, or at the Amalie Arena, where the NHL's Tampa Bay Lightning play. Both venues also host a range of concerts and other events throughout the year.

Finally, no visit to Tampa would be complete without spending some time on the waterfront. The Riverwalk is a scenic pathway that runs along the Hillsborough River and offers stunning views of the city skyline. Here you can enjoy a leisurely stroll, rent a paddleboard or kayak, or simply sit and watch the boats go by.

From history and culture to entertainment and outdoor activities, Tampa offers a wealth of experiences that make it worth the short trip from Wesley Chapel. Whether you're looking to explore new places or simply enjoy a change of pace, a day in Tampa offers something for everyone.

Make a Splash at Epperson Lagoon

Wesley Chapel, Florida, is home to Epperson Lagoon, a tropical paradise that's more than just a swimming pool. As the first Crystal Lagoon in the United States, it spans over seven acres and offers an idyllic setting to enjoy a variety of water activities. The clear, turquoise waters are an inviting sight, offering a refreshing escape from the Floridian heat. If you're someone who loves a good swim, this massive lagoon offers ample space to stretch out and get your laps in.

But swimming is just the tip of the iceberg. Epperson Lagoon is also perfect for kayaking and paddleboarding, with equipment rentals available on-site. For those who prefer a more relaxed approach to water fun, there are secluded cabanas that you can rent for the day, providing shade, privacy, and a touch of luxury. Kids are not left out either; there’s a dedicated area with water slides, obstacle courses, and even a family-friendly "swim-up" bar serving non-alcoholic beverages.

Source: Tampa Bay Date Night Guide

If you're feeling peckish after all that water activity, the lagoon offers a range of dining options. From beachside grills to food trucks, there’s something for every palate. And as the sun sets, the lagoon often hosts events like live music and movie nights, turning the area into a vibrant social hub. A visit to Epperson Lagoon is more than just a day at the pool; it's an experience that offers something for everyone.

Spend a Few Hours at Wesley Chapel District Park

Wesley Chapel District Park is a hidden gem that provides a variety of recreational opportunities for both locals and visitors. Spanning over 144 acres, this expansive park offers facilities for nearly every sport you can think of. There are baseball and softball fields, soccer fields, tennis courts, and even a gymnasium for indoor activities like basketball and volleyball. For the skateboarders and BMX riders, the park boasts a well-designed skate park where you can grind rails and perform tricks to your heart’s content.

Source:Tampa FL

If sports aren't your thing, the park still has plenty to offer. There are multiple children's playgrounds equipped with modern, safe play structures, providing a perfect spot for families to let their little ones run around. Picnic shelters dot the landscape, giving you an opportunity for a delightful outdoor meal. Nature lovers will appreciate the walking and jogging trails that meander through the park, offering a serene backdrop of Floridian flora and fauna.

Perhaps one of the most attractive aspects of Wesley Chapel District Park is its sense of community. The park frequently hosts local league games, tournaments, and even outdoor movie nights, transforming it into a buzzing social hub on weekends and holidays.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wesley Chapel, Florida

What is Wesley Chapel known for?

Wesley Chapel is known for its blend of natural beauty, outdoor activities, and urban conveniences. It offers a variety of recreational activities like golfing, skating, hiking, and kayaking, as well as a range of shopping and dining options.

How far is Wesley Chapel from Tampa?

Wesley Chapel is located about 20 miles north of Tampa, Florida. The distance makes it convenient for day trips to the city for additional activities and attractions like museums, sports events, and waterfront activities.

What outdoor activities are available in Wesley Chapel?

The area offers various outdoor activities including hiking at Hillsborough River State Park, bird-watching at the Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary, and golfing at Lexington Oaks Golf Club. You can also enjoy water activities at Epperson Lagoon and visit nearby parks for trekking and wildlife spotting.

Are there any good shopping areas?

Yes, Wesley Chapel boasts a range of shopping experiences, from the Shoppes at New Tampa to the Shops at Wiregrass. You'll find an array of retail stores, boutiques, and dining options suitable for all tastes and budgets.

What are some good dining options in Wesley Chapel?

Wesley Chapel offers a plethora of dining options ranging from American cuisine at Grillsmith to Italian-inspired meals at Noble Crust. You can also find various fast food, international cuisines, and gourmet options.

Is Wesley Chapel family-friendly?

Absolutely. Wesley Chapel offers numerous activities for families, such as AdventHealth Center Ice for skating, Wesley Chapel District Park for sports, and various parks and natural reserves for outdoor family adventures.

Are there any annual events I should look out for?

Yes, the Shops at Wiregrass host annual events like holiday parades, seasonal festivals, and farmer's markets that are popular among locals and visitors alike.

Can I go on a hot air balloon ride in Wesley Chapel?

Yes, you can take to the skies and see Wesley Chapel from a unique perspective with a hot air balloon ride. It's an excellent way to make your visit memorable.

What are some indoor activities I can do?

For indoor activities, you can test your problem-solving skills at Mouse Trap Escape, go skating at AdventHealth Center Ice, or indulge in a spa treatment. You can also catch a film at the Grove Theater.

Where can I find local craft beer?

Florida Avenue Brewing Co. is a popular spot in Wesley Chapel for craft beer enthusiasts. They offer a variety of locally brewed beers, and seasonal specials, and even host events like trivia nights.


Wesley Chapel and its surrounding areas offer an array of experiences that promise more than just a typical suburban escape. Whether you're a thrill-seeker, a nature lover, a foodie, or someone simply looking to relax and recharge, Wesley Chapel has something unique to offer you. The variety of activities ensures that every visit can be a new adventure. And with Tampa just a short drive away, the options for entertainment and exploration are virtually limitless. So, pack your bags, bring your sense of adventure, and get ready to experience the multifaceted charm that is Wesley Chapel. You'll leave not only with memories but also with a deep appreciation for what makes this Florida gem so special.


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