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Top questions from hosts
Who can list property on Karta?
If you own or manage service houses, apartments, private rooms, villas, cottages, vacation homes or condos, you’re welcome to create a Karta listing.
Is listing free of charge?
Yes, listing is completely free.
How long does it take to list?
It takes only a few minutes to create your Karta listing.
Can I choose who stays at my property?
While we always require guests to identify themselves, you may decide to accept guests who indicated basic identification information or require more details such as ID scans.
Who determines my listing's prices?
Your price and availability are always up to you.
What fees does Karta charge on each booking?
Hosts do not currently pay listing or booking fees to Karta.
When can I reach your support?
Our support is available 24/7, and we strive to answer all questions as soon as possible.
Why should I list my property on Karta and not on other websites?
Lowest fees on the market for the guests combined with innovative features, such as home switching functionality or filling orphan days to maximize your rental earnings.
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