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17 Best Countries for Americans to Move to (Time to Take The Plunge!)

News Jun 6, 2024

Are you considering a self-imposed exile from the United States, never to return? We’ve got you covered. It’s something we all muse about from time to time. Life seems so much better in that foreign land you just spent two weeks visiting, using up your hard-earned PTO days. You want those two-hour weekday lunches and seemingly endless vacations and bank holidays. Returning to the cubicle is tough when you only want to relocate your family to a charming Tuscan villa in which you invested your savings.

Important questions like, "How will I make money without a work visa or fluency in the local language?" go unanswered because it worked for a few people you follow on social media, not to mention some well-known movie characters. That inspirational quote you saved on your Pinterest board says, "You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take." Maybe now it’s time to take that shot. Here, in no particular order, are the best countries for American expatriates.


Since Brexit in 2015 and the passing of Queen Elizabeth II in 2022, the United Kingdom has faced significant changes. No worries, mate. Keep calm and carry on, as the saying goes. This is the land of Shakespeare, Black Sabbath, and the National Health Service. With world-class universities and job markets in industries like finance, tech, and the arts, the U.K. offers plenty of opportunities for you and your family. Bonus: No need to learn a new language, but brushing up on your rhyming slang might be helpful.

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The vast country to the north is another fantastic Anglophone option. It’s the land of maple syrup, Margaret Atwood, and broom sports. Known for its long winters, Canada provides heaps of snow to its many iconic ski resorts like Whistler Blackcomb, Revelstoke, and Lake Louise. Sure, it’s cold, but that’s what the Tim Hortons coffee is for, eh? With its welcoming atmosphere, diverse landscapes, universal health care, and high standard of living, Canada offers American expats ample opportunities for career advancement, outdoor activities, and cultural experiences.

What To Know Before Moving To Canada From The U.S.
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Renowned for its laid-back lifestyle, stunning natural beauty, and thriving economy, Australia calls out to you. Whether surfing along the Gold Coast, exploring the Outback, or enjoying the cosmopolitan vibe of cities like Sydney and Melbourne, expats can find a balance between work and leisure in the land of Mad Max. Australia’s strong job market, excellent health-care system, and diverse multicultural society make it an attractive place to spend your exile.

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As a global hub for finance, technology, and trade, Singapore offers American expats a dynamic lifestyle in a multicultural melting pot with delicious street food. The public transportation system is among the most efficient in the world, and with a very low crime rate (spitting is illegal, as is importing chewing gum) and an excellent healthcare system, expats can enjoy a high quality of life and career opportunities.

A one week itinerary for the perfect Singapore holiday
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From the bustling cities of Berlin and Munich to the charming villages of the Bavarian countryside, expats can immerse themselves in a high standard of living and robust education and health-care systems. With its strong economy, robust social welfare programs, and commitment to environmental sustainability, Germany offers a wealth of opportunities.

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Two words: Tina Turner. The late Queen of Rock ’n’ Roll left the U.S. in 1995 and moved to her sprawling lakeside compound in Küsnacht, near Zurich. She later officially became Swiss and relinquished her American citizenship. Between the quality of life, privacy, and tax benefits, can you blame her? (She initially moved to be close to her German husband, so love did, in fact, have a lot to do with it.) Aside from Switzerland’s reputation for precision engineering, first-rate health care, and financial stability, the après-ski scenes in St. Moritz, Verbier, and Gstaad will certainly keep you happy for the rest of your life. Citizenship requirements include fluency in one of the country’s four official languages, so you might want to download a language learning app, stat.

How Switzerland is serving as a global model for innovation
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Japan is the destination you can find on almost everyone’s bucket list. From the neon-lit streets of Tokyo to the ancient temples of Kyoto, expats can experience the best of both worlds while enjoying safety, cleanliness, and intense efficiency. Japan’s strong work ethic, excellent public transportation, and dedication to hospitality (and world-class skiing with dizzying snow accumulation every year) make it a place to consider moving to for those who really want to get far away. Japanese isn’t the easiest language to learn, so it’s probably best to take some classes before you go.

Japan Travel Guide
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Mexico offers a rich and diverse lifestyle to American expats who don’t want to move too far afield. For the urbanite diehards, Mexico City on its own has so much going for it, from Michelin-starred dining to statement museum architecture. There’s also charm in San Miguel de Allende, white sandy beaches in Tulum, and enough ancient ruins to keep history buffs sated. Mexico’s affordable cost of living, delicious cuisine, and proximity to the United States make it an exceedingly attractive destination.

Mexico | History, Map, Flag, Population, & Facts
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This coastal West African nation is renowned for its stability, hospitality, and entrepreneurial spirit. The capital city, Accra, is a buzzing metropolis with modern infrastructure, bustling markets, and beautiful beaches. Ghana’s commitment to democracy, development, and social progress puts it high on the list of ideal destinations for American expats.

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Now that marijuana is legal in more places, the Netherlands can finally let its other, less obvious selling points shine. With its progressive social policies, bike-friendly cities, and thriving cultural scene, this northern European land of windmills is great for American expats who don’t mind a little overcast weather. Just picture the scene: savoring stroopwafels at local markets, cycling through tulip fields, and walking through museum galleries filled with Dutch masters.

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Famed for its egalitarian society, stunning natural landscapes, and emphasis on work-life balance, Sweden is a paradise for many expats. From the modern architecture of Stockholm to the pristine wilderness of Lapland, you’ve got the town and country boxes checked. This is the land of Svenskt Tenn, Ingmar Bergman, and Abba, so there’s really something for everybody. Sweden is also hitting high marks in the areas of sustainability, gender equality, and innovation.

What Is The Capital Of Sweden?
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The U.A.E. doesn’t do subtle. With its super-tall skyscrapers, tax-free income, and cosmopolitan élan, this place offers American expats a taste of extravagance in the Middle East. It’s hard to choose between Dubai and Abu Dhabi as they’re both so wild in their own way, but expats with a need for a luxurious lifestyle in extreme heat need look no further.

United Arab Emirates Country Profile


The Iberian Peninsula’s underappreciated gem. The culture, the history, and the fish are just some of what makes Portugal such a desirable country for expats to move to. First, there’s Lisbon, a metropolis so exciting, that its name should be uttered along with Paris and Rome when discussing the greatest cities in Europe. Then there’s the endless beaches, wine, mild climate, and low cost of living that make it a contender for the best expat destination.

Where Is Portugal Located 2024 Beautiful Portugal
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If it was good enough for the hobbits, it’s good enough for you. With its breathtaking scenery and laid-back lifestyle, New Zealand offers American expats a refreshing escape to Middle Earth. New Zealand’s robust economy, low crime rate, and high quality of life make it an appealing destination for those looking for a balance between work and recreation. Oh, and there are lots of cute sheep.

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Here’s another extremely far-afield suggestion, one with superb healthcare facilities, a strong expat community, and cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg that provide a high standard of living and opportunities for career advancement. South Africa’s vibrant arts scene and outdoor activities like safari tours and wine tastings make it an adventurer’s dream.

South Africa Country Profile


The expat above characters, played by famous actresses, seemed to have a good time living in Italy. Romulus and Remus could not have predicted how amazing this boot-shaped peninsula would be when they were suckling a she-wolf. It’s a country of ancient ruins, Renaissance art, and cacio e pepe. Italy’s rich cultural heritage can’t be understated—you could spend a lifetime taking it all in—and its Mediterranean climate and strong sense of community are reason enough to move here forever.

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Known for its diverse landscapes and stable economy, Chile is a prime place for the expat-curious to consider. From the bustling streets of its capital, Santiago, to the awe-inspiring scenery of Patagonia, this western South American country gives expats a lot to work with. Chile's affordable cost of living, first-class health care system, and commitment to sustainability make it a competitive destination, but its Southern Hemisphere snow season will give your ski-bunny friends back home a reason to come visit while it’s burning hot in the U.S.

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