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Best Things to Do for Couples in Paris

Best Things to Do for Couples in Paris

In the hearts of both new and old couples, Paris has been a treasured destination. In the last century alone, the romantic city of Paris has featured as an iconic backdrop in many love movies, songs, and various artistic works. So from the moment you step into the historical city and walk along its charming streets, you can already feel love in the air.

Ville de l'amour, or the city of love as you know it, offers a handful of activities for couples vacationing in Paris. From date nights in Paris to fun daytime activities to spark the flame of love anew, settle in for a fun ride on your romantic holiday in Paris.

Are you planning your next romantic vacation to Paris? For the best experience, we compiled a list of romantic things to do in Paris.

See the Wall of Love

Le Mur Des Je t’aime is a popular romantic site that has love written all over it. The iconic wall expresses love in over 200 languages and is one of the most romantic places in Paris.

What better way to convince your lover than to say "the magical words" 250 different ways? Apart from attempting pronunciations at the famous wall, it is an ideal spot to express love to your partner. Lastly, don't forget to capture the moment by taking stunning pictures of your romantic Paris trip.

Chill on a Sunny Afternoon at Luxembourg

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Paris is home to an extensive selection of parks and gardens, and this one is everyone’s favorite. The enchanting garden sits on 60 acres of land and has been around since 1612. It has a wide selection of flowers and trees, water fountains, statues, monuments, and figures of past royalties.

While on your Paris romantic vacation, spend an afternoon picnicking in this garden while enjoying the beautiful scenery. Having an outdoor lunch is one of the relaxing ways to enjoy a romantic trip in Paris. Spread your blanket around the gorgeous Medici Fountain and enjoy wine, small bites, and sweet treats under the sunshine.

Watch the Sunset on Seine

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The absolute magical way to end an adventurous day is to view the romantic city of Paris at night while slowly drifting away on a water body. Admiring Paris's breathtaking view from the Seine is one of the best things to do near the Eiffel tower. Hop on an evening boat, and watch the day fold, transforming Paris into the enchanting city of light at night.

On the sunset cruise, you will recognize important monuments and places as they glow in the darkness. You can add enchantment to the moment by choosing a cruise that provides three-course meals with champagne. As you cross under the Pont-Marie Bridge, keep the tradition alive by sharing a kiss with your partner.

See a classic at the Grand Action Movie Theater

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What better way to ignite the flame of love than seeing a classic romance special on your date night in Paris? The Grand Action movie theater, which sits in the center of Paris, welcomes many couples hoping to catch the old-time nostalgic feeling. The cinema’s vintage décor keeps the old-time charm lovers yearn for.

On your way out of the screening room, stop at the bar area to grab a bite or enjoy a cocktail. You will enjoy looking at the portraits of great actors of all times scattered around the room.

See the Love Bridge

Pont des Arts Bridge is a symbolic place for lovers who come from worldwide to lock in their love. However, in recent times, lovers can no longer lock in their love at the famous bridge because the bridge could no longer accommodate the weight of the locks.

Regardless of this change, it remains one of Paris's most romantic things to do. More bridges all over the city now bear lovers' locks to uphold the custom. You can look forward to this intimate moment and renew your commitments and love in the world's love capital.

Catch a View of Paris from the Terrass Hotel Rooftop Bar

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Just like Nice, France, there are plenty of bars and restaurants in Paris. The Terrass rooftop bar, a part of the Terrass Hotel, has an excellent viewpoint second to none. Its cozy atmosphere, combined with the bird's-eye view it affords, makes it one of the most romantic places in Paris.

Although the bar opens to customers at 3:30 pm, the best time to go is in the evening, just before the sunset. The backdrop and the golden color of the setting sun create a fantastic view of the romantic city of Paris at night. You could also check out some new hotels with a rooftop bar, including Soho House, Rochechouart, and Le Wallace.

Behold the Iconic Tower

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Your romantic expenditure in Paris is incomplete without seeing the number one lover's spot of all time. To have the natural feel of Paris, climb 324m up to the top of the tower and admire the true beauty of this city. Then, to crown the night, stop at Le Jules to enjoy an exquisite dinner date night in Paris.

While you’re around the historical monument, enjoying a picnic at Champ de Mars is one of the best things near the Eiffel tower. You can catch the tower's golden light that comes on every hour.

See a Cabaret Show

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One of the best ways to enjoy an evening in Paris is to see a live cabaret performance. The night comprises a series of mesmerizing performances of songs, dance, and various striking displays of costumes.

Moulin Rouge is the best spot to catch a Cabaret performance in Paris. The buzzing night at this exquisite location will remind you of the romantic Ibiza island. The best part of choosing Moulin Rouge is that you get a half bottle of champagne for free. Moulin Rouge tickets sell fast and are usually crowded. You may experience a long queue waiting for your ticket.

Capture the Highlight of your Trip

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As you plan your romantic vacation to Paris, don't forget to plan a couple's photoshoot session. Paris is a historic and iconic city filled with many picture-worthy spots. So keep the memories alive by booking a professional photo session to capture all the high points of your trip. Some of the best picture spots are; the Louvre museum, Palais Royal, etc. Night shots in Paris are equally perfect as the daytime shots. If you're looking for off-peak travel, we suggest traveling immediately after a peak season. That way, you'll avoid the crowds while still enjoying favorable weather.