10 Best Things To Do In Alexandria, Los Angeles

Trip Ideas May 1, 2024

Alexandria, LA, a gem tucked away in the heart of Louisiana, offers a unique blend of historical depth, cultural vibrance, and natural beauty, making it an intriguing destination for travelers. This city, with its notable elevation that provides a slightly cooler climate compared to other parts of Louisiana, invites visitors to explore its rich experiences. From the bustling streets of downtown Alexandria to the serene landscapes of nearby parks, there's an array of attractions catering to a wide range of interests and ages.

History enthusiasts will find Alexandria a treasure trove, with landmarks and museums that speak volumes of its past. The city's history, preserved in its architecture and museums, tells stories of early settlers, pivotal battles, and the growth of central Louisiana. Meanwhile, art lovers are drawn to Alexandria for its vibrant arts scene. Galleries and theaters, including the notable Gem Alexandria, showcase the creativity of local and regional artists, offering a glimpse into the area's cultural soul.

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For those seeking outdoor adventure, Alexandria and its surroundings do not disappoint. The city's parks, including the expansive green spaces in Alexandria LA, provide a perfect backdrop for a day out in the sun. Nearby, Buhlow Fun Park in Pineville LA offers a variety of recreational activities, from water slides to mini-golf, making it an excellent spot for family fun. For more adventurous souls, the natural beauty around.

For those planning a weekend getaway or a longer exploration, Alexandria, LA, encapsulates the essence of Louisiana in a single destination.  

1. Kent Plantation House: Dive into pre-Civil War history at one of Louisiana's oldest standing structures, 

In the heart of Central Louisiana, Alexandria presents a captivating blend of natural beauty and rich history, with the Kent Plantation House standing as a prominent jewel among its many attractions. This historical edifice offers a vivid window into the pre-Civil War era, showcasing the distinctive French Colonial architecture that characterizes some of the oldest structures in Louisiana.  

Kent Plantation House
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As one explores Alexandria, the elevation of the city subtly influences its climate and landscape, creating a unique backdrop for various outdoor and indoor activities. Among the many things to do in Alexandria, LA, the Kent Plantation House holds a special place.  

2. Forts Randolph and Buhlow State Historic Site: Uncover Civil War history through Confederate earthwork fortifications

In the heart of Central Louisiana, Forts Randolph and Buhlow State Historic Site stands as a testament to the area's rich Civil War history, offering a unique glimpse into the past through its well-preserved Confederate earthwork fortifications.  

As one of the key Alexandria LA attractions, the historic site not only preserves important military history but also serves as a gateway to understanding the strategic importance of the Alexandria-Pineville area during the Civil War.  

Forts Randolph
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The visitor center at Forts Randolph and Buhlow State Historic Site is a treasure trove of artifacts and displays that narrate the story of the forts and their role in the war. Through educational exhibits, personal accounts, and historical documents, guests are transported back in time, gaining a deeper appreciation for the complexity of the Civil War and its lasting impact on the region. The interpretive trails, meanwhile, offer a hands-on history lesson, allowing visitors to physically engage with the past as they traverse the earthworks, encounter replicas of Civil War-era fortifications, and absorb the serene natural beauty that surrounds the site.

3. Kisatchie National Forest: Invite readers to explore over 600,000 acres of scenic trails, perfect for hiking, biking, and picnicking.

Spanning over 600,000 acres, this sprawling haven offers a multitude of activities, making it a prime destination for those looking to explore the great outdoors. Alexandria, LA, serves as a gateway to this natural wonderland, where elevation and landscapes create a picturesque setting for a host of recreational activities. From scenic trails that beckon hikers and bikers, to serene spots perfect for picnicking, Kisatchie is an outdoor playground waiting to be discovered.

The diversity of trails in Kisatchie National Forest caters to all levels of outdoor enthusiasts. The forest's unique elevation changes add an extra layer of excitement to your adventure, offering breathtaking views that are rare in the generally flat landscape of Louisiana.

Kisatchie National Forest
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Beyond the trails, Kisatchie National Forest is a hub for a variety of attractions that appeal to visitors of all ages. For those interested in aquatic adventures, the numerous lakes and streams provide the perfect backdrop for kayaking and fishing. Birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts will find the forest to be a vibrant ecosystem teeming with diverse species, offering ample opportunities for wildlife photography and birding. 

4. Lake Buhlow: Known for its picturesque views, fishing spots, and the thrilling Louisiana Dragon Boat Races​

Lake Buhlow in Central Louisiana is a hidden gem that embodies the essence of natural beauty and exhilarating activities, making it a quintessential part of the Alexandria, LA area's attractions. This serene lake, known for its picturesque views and calming ambiance, serves as an ideal destination for both adventure seekers and those looking to unwind amidst nature. Its location, easily accessible for anyone trying to navigate to Alexandria, Louisiana, enhances its appeal as a must-visit spot within the region.

Fishing enthusiasts and families alike find Lake Buhlow a haven, with its abundant fishing spots offering a peaceful retreat for a day out in the sun. The lake's clear waters are home to a variety of fish, making every fishing expedition a potentially rewarding experience. For those looking for more dynamic activities, the lake does not disappoint. It proudly hosts the Louisiana Dragon Boat Races, an event that has grown to be a thrilling spectacle, attracting participants and spectators from Alexandria and beyond. This annual race not only adds to the lake's charm but also highlights the community spirit and camaraderie of the area.

Lake Buhlow
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Apart from the lake itself, the surrounding area is rife with attractions and activities that cater to a wide range of interests. The Buhlow Fun Park in Pineville, LA, is a stone's throw away, offering entertainment for the entire family with its amusement rides and recreational areas. For those exploring the great outdoors, the parks in Alexandria, LA, provide ample space for picnics, hikes, and leisurely walks.

5. Alexandria Zoological Park: Highlight the zoo's global animal exhibits, including the Louisiana Habitat and the African Experience

In the heart of Louisiana, the Alexandria Zoological Park stands as a beacon for wildlife conservation and family entertainment, effortlessly embodying the essence of Alexandria's charm and the spirit of exploration that defines the area. This zoological park, a crown jewel among Alexandria LA attractions, offers an immersive journey through diverse global habitats, from the lush Louisiana Habitat to the expansive African Experience.  

Alexandria Zoological Park
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The Louisiana Habitat, a meticulously crafted exhibit within the zoo, mirrors the state's unique ecosystems, showcasing species native to the region. This exhibit not only highlights the natural beauty and biodiversity of Louisiana but also educates visitors on the importance of conservation efforts in preserving these local environments. It's an enriching experience that resonates deeply with those interested in the natural world, and especially engaging for families looking for educational and fun places in Alexandria.

Transitioning from the local to the global, the African Experience transports visitors across continents to the heart of the savannah. This exhibit is an expansive display of African wildlife, offering an unparalleled opportunity to observe exotic animals such as lions, giraffes, and zebras in habitats that closely mimic their natural environments. This global perspective on wildlife conservation underscores the zoo's commitment to educating the public on the interconnectedness of ecosystems worldwide, making it one of the most compelling attractions near Alexandria LA.

6. T.R.E.E. House Children’s Museum: Entice families with interactive exhibits aimed at sparking children's love for learning​ 

Alexandria, Louisiana, is known for its rich history and cultural vibrancy, offering a plethora of activities ranging from exploring the bucolic charm of Buhlow Fun Park in Pineville, LA, to the historical depths of Downtown Alexandria LA. Among these attractions, the T.R.E.E. House Children’s Museum offers a unique blend of educational fun that stands apart, making it one of the most exciting things to do in Alexandria, LA, especially for families.

The museum's exhibits are designed with the curious mind of a child in mind, covering a wide range of subjects from science and culture to environmental education. Each exhibit is an invitation for hands-on exploration, encouraging children to touch, play, and experiment, thereby fostering a learning environment that is both fun and intellectually stimulating. This approach aligns perfectly with the museum's mission to spark children's love for learning, making it an essential part of Alexandria Louisiana events and activities.

T.R.E.E. House Children’s Museum
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As families search for fun things to do in Alexandria, Louisiana, especially activities that are not only entertaining but also enriching, the T.R.E.E. House Children’s Museum emerges as a premier choice. It's more than just a place to visit; it's an experience that children carry with them, sparking curiosity and inspiring a sense of wonder about the world around them. From the moment families step into this imaginative space, they are transported into a world where learning and play go hand in hand, making every visit a memorable adventure.

7. River Oaks Square Arts Center: Describe this center as a platform for local and regional artists, offering workshops, exhibitions, and a unique gift shop​ 

River Oaks Square Arts Center stands as a beacon of creativity and community engagement in the heart of Alexandria, Louisiana. This vibrant arts hub serves as a pivotal platform for local and regional artists, offering an array of workshops, exhibitions, and a unique gift shop that both residents and visitors find irresistible. Its significance in enriching the cultural landscape of Alexandria makes it an essential part of Alexandria LA attractions, seamlessly blending educational opportunities with leisure activities.

River Oaks Square Arts Center
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The elevation of Alexandria LA, both in a literal and cultural sense, is mirrored in the diverse programs and events hosted by River Oaks Square Arts Center. The Center is dedicated to providing artists with the resources and exposure needed to advance their careers, while also inviting the community to engage with art in a direct and meaningful way. From budding artists to seasoned professionals, the center nurtures talents across the spectrum, making it a pivotal point in Alexandria Louisiana things to do for those who cherish art and creativity.

8. Frogmore Cotton Plantation & Gins: Offer a glimpse into the 1800s cotton farming life, from slave cabins to modern ginning​ 

In the heart of Louisiana, a state rich in history and cultural diversity, lies Frogmore Cotton Plantation & Gins. This significant landmark offers a profound journey back to the 1800s, presenting an unvarnished look at cotton farming life from the era of slavery to the advancements of modern ginning. As visitors explore the sprawling grounds, they are transported to a time when cotton was king, playing a pivotal role in both the economy and the social fabric of the South. Frogmore isn't just another historical site; it's a vivid tableau of American history, where the echoes of the past meet the innovations that shaped the future of agriculture.

Aside from its historical significance, Frogmore Cotton Plantation & Gins is part of a broader tapestry of attractions that enrich the Alexandria, LA area. Positioned amidst a landscape filled with unique things to do and see, from the bucolic charm of Buhlow Fun Park in Pineville to the vibrant events downtown Alexandria hosts, the plantation adds a layer of historical depth and education to the diverse attractions available. For those exploring Alexandria and its surroundings, a visit to Frogmore offers a poignant reminder of Louisiana's rich, complex history and its role in shaping the narrative of the United States.

9. Wayback’s Arcade: Bring back nostalgia with classic arcade games for a fun family outing​ 

Alexandria, perched at a significant elevation, not only boasts a scenic backdrop but also a myriad of things to do, ranging from exploring historical landmarks to indulging in outdoor activities. However, it's the allure of rediscovering childhood joys at Wayback’s Arcade that adds a unique flavor to Alexandria LA's offerings. Amidst a weekend packed with Alexandria Louisiana events or a casual search for fun things to do in Alexandria Louisiana, this arcade stands as a sanctuary of timeless entertainment.

The experience at Wayback’s Arcade is unlike any other attraction in Alexandria LA or its surrounding areas, such as the Buhlow Fun Park in Pineville. It's a place where the simple pleasure of guiding Pac-Man through a maze or achieving a high score on Pinball creates unforgettable memories. It offers a break from the digital overload of modern-day gaming, encouraging families to engage in face-to-face competition and camaraderie.

Wayback’s Arcade
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For those seeking fun things to do in Alexandria LA, Wayback’s Arcade presents an ideal venue. It complements the city’s array of attractions—from the serene parks in Alexandria LA to the vibrant scenes of downtown Alexandria LA and the various restaurants in Alexandria, LA, offering a taste of local cuisine. This arcade enhances the city's charm by providing a space where laughter and joy are in endless supply, making it a must-visit for anyone navigating to Alexandria Louisiana.

10. Alex Winter Fête: Introduce this festive event with outdoor skating, live music, and fireworks, perfect for a December visit​ 

Alex Winter Fête transforms the picturesque city of Alexandria, Louisiana, into a winter wonderland every December, offering an array of activities that cater to visitors of all ages. This enchanting festival stands out as one of the premier Alexandria LA attractions, drawing both locals and tourists to the heart of downtown Alexandria LA. The event's highlights include outdoor skating, live music, and a spectacular fireworks display, making it a must-visit for anyone looking to experience the joy and community spirit of Alexandria during the festive season.

Outdoor skating at Alex Winter Fête offers a unique experience, especially given Alexandria LA's elevation, which typically provides mild winters. The synthetic ice rink allows visitors to glide under the open sky, surrounded by the charming backdrop of downtown Alexandria, adding a magical touch to the holiday celebrations. For those who prefer musical entertainment, the festival's live music lineup features a variety of genres, showcasing local and regional talent that reflects the rich cultural tapestry of Louisiana. These performances provide a lively soundtrack to the festival, ensuring that the air is filled with melodies that range from traditional Christmas carols to contemporary hits.

As night falls, the Alex Winter Fête dazzles with an awe-inspiring fireworks display, illuminating the sky above Alexandria and creating a memorable spectacle for all in attendance. This fireworks show is not only a highlight of the festival but also one of the key Alexandria Louisiana events of the year, drawing crowds from across the region.


A journey through Alexandria's attractions unfolds with visits to the historic downtown area, where the past and present converge in a charming display of architecture, boutique shops, and inviting restaurants. Here, one can savor the flavors of Louisiana's renowned culinary scene, from classic Southern comfort food to contemporary cuisine. The vibrant arts scene is on full display in this part of the city, with galleries, theaters, and live music venues providing a backdrop to the rich cultural tapestry of Alexandria.

For those seeking a connection with nature, Alexandria does not disappoint. The city's elevation provides unique vantage points at local parks and green spaces, where hiking trails, picnic areas, and serene lake views await. The nearby Buhlow Fun Park in Pineville, LA, offers excitement with water activities, mini-golf, and more, making it a perfect day out for families or groups looking for fun.

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The city's calendar is dotted with events that showcase its diverse community spirit. From cultural festivals to live performances, there's always something happening that brings people together to celebrate the city's heritage and creativity. For families, kid-friendly activities abound, with parks, the trampoline park, and educational museums offering engaging experiences that both entertain and inform.

Encouragement to explore Alexandria comes naturally when considering the sheer variety of things to do and see. From the peaceful retreats offered by its natural surroundings to the exhilarating cultural and fun-filled activities, Alexandria, LA, invites everyone to discover its unique blend of attractions.


1. What are the must-visit attractions in Alexandria, LA for first-time visitors?

First-time visitors to Alexandria, LA, should not miss exploring the Alexandria Zoological Park, which is home to a wide variety of animals and offers educational programs. The Kent Plantation House provides a glimpse into the early 19th century with guided tours of the historic premises. Art enthusiasts will enjoy the Alexandria Museum of Art, which showcases an impressive collection of contemporary and traditional art.

2. Are there any outdoor activities available in Alexandria, LA?

Yes, Alexandria offers several outdoor activities for nature lovers. The Kisatchie National Forest, just a short drive from Alexandria, offers hiking, biking, and camping opportunities in a beautifully preserved natural setting. For those looking to enjoy water activities, the Red River provides fishing, boating, and scenic riverfront walks.

3. Can you recommend any family-friendly activities in Alexandria, LA?

Alexandria is great for families, offering many activities that children and adults alike will enjoy. The T.R.E.E. House Children's Museum is a fantastic destination with interactive exhibits that engage young minds in learning and play. The city's parks, such as Bringhurst Park, offer playgrounds and picnic areas perfect for a family day out. Additionally, seasonal events like the Alexandria Mardi Gras Parade bring fun and festivities suitable for all ages.

4. What are some unique shopping experiences in Alexandria, LA?

Alexandria offers a variety of shopping experiences, from antique shops to local boutiques. The Alexandria Mall is a go-to for many visitors, offering a range of retail stores. For a more unique shopping experience, the Downtown Alexandria area features shops selling antiques, handmade crafts, and Louisiana souvenirs. The Third Street Market is a place where you can find locally made goods and artworks.

5. Are there any cultural or historical sites to explore in Alexandria, LA?

Absolutely. Alexandria is rich in cultural and historical sites. The Louisiana History Museum delves into the state's past, including its pre-European settlement, while Forts Randolph & Buhlow State Historic Site offers insights into Civil War history. The Alexandria Holocaust Memorial is a poignant site dedicated to the memory of Holocaust victims, symbolizing peace and tolerance.


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