Best Things to Do in Buffalo, WY

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Buffalo, Wyoming, emerges as a captivating destination, rich in Western heritage and natural beauty. This guide, best things to Do in Buffalo, WY, is designed to take you on a journey through this enchanting town, revealing its unique attractions and experiences. Far from being just another dot on the map, Buffalo invites travelers to step into a world where history and modernity coexist, creating a vibrant tapestry that appeals to adventurers, history buffs, and nature lovers alike.

The town of Buffalo serves as a living museum of the American West, where the echoes of legendary figures like Buffalo Bill Cody and Butch Cassidy resonate in its streets and buildings. It's a place where the legacy of the Old West is not just preserved but celebrated in everyday life. From its historic downtown to the majestic Bighorn Mountains that rise in the backdrop, Buffalo offers a plethora of experiences that connect visitors with both the past and the present.

Buffalo, WY
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As you explore Buffalo, you'll discover that it's a community where stories of cowboys and Native American culture are not just tales of yesteryears but a part of the local identity. The Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum stands as a testament to this, offering a window into the life of a man who significantly influenced the town's history. Similarly, the Bighorn National Forest invites you to immerse yourself in the wilderness, where nature's unspoiled beauty offers a stark contrast to the hustle of modern life.

What truly sets Buffalo apart is its ability to offer diverse experiences. It's a place where one can wander through Margo's Pottery & Fine Crafts, finding pieces that are as much a work of art as they are a slice of local craftsmanship. For the environmentally conscious traveler, the Mountain Meadow Wool Mill provides an insight into eco-friendly practices in the wool industry. And for those seeking adventure, Bear Track Outfitters and Clear Creek Trail Head promise exhilarating encounters with Wyoming's wild side.

Buffalo's charm lies in its small-town feel coupled with a richness that rivals any major tourist destination. Downtown Buffalo, with its historical significance and architectural beauty, tells the story of a town that has evolved while holding onto its roots. The Occidental Hotel, for instance, is more than just an accommodation; it's a journey into history, where every room has a story to tell.

Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum

Buffalo, Wyoming, a town steeped in the rich tapestry of the American West, is home to one of its most intriguing historical treasures: the Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum. This museum, more than just a collection of artifacts, serves as a vivid portal to the past, offering a glimpse into the life and times of one of Buffalo's most iconic figures, Jim Gatchell.

Jim Gatchell, a name synonymous with Buffalo's history, was a man of many facets. His journey began at the turn of the 20th century when he opened Buffalo Pharmacy. The pharmacy quickly became more than just a place for medicine; it transformed into a hub of community life and a meeting point for people from all walks of life, including Native Americans and local townsfolk. Gatchell, known for his kindness and deep understanding of Native American culture, became a trusted figure, weaving his story into the very fabric of Buffalo.

Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum
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Walking into the Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum, visitors are immediately transported back in time. The museum, established in 1957, houses a vast collection of items amassed by Gatchell during his lifetime. These artifacts, ranging from Native American medicine bags to old-time weaponry, not only depict Gatchell's life but also paint a broader picture of life in the Old West. The museum's dioramas and exhibits are meticulously curated to give visitors an immersive experience, providing insights into the region's rich history and cultural heritage.

One of the most compelling aspects of the museum is its focus on the personal connection Gatchell had with the Native American community. The display of gifts he received from Plains Indians underscores a story of mutual respect and friendship, a narrative often overlooked in the history of the American West. These items, each with its own history and story, highlight the complexities of the relationships between settlers and Native Americans during that era.

Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum
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The museum is not just about the past; it also serves as a beacon for education and understanding. Through its interactive exhibits and educational programs, it encourages visitors to delve deeper into the history of Johnson County and the surrounding areas. It's a place where history enthusiasts, school groups, and families can come together to learn and be inspired. The museum's dedication to preserving local history ensures that Jim Gatchell's legacy and the story of Buffalo's past continue to enlighten future generations.

A visit to the museum also offers a unique perspective on the evolution of medicine and pharmacy in the West. Gatchell's original drugstore is recreated within the museum, complete with antique medicine bottles, pharmaceutical tools, and vintage advertisements. This exhibit not only showcases Gatchell's role as a pharmacist but also reflects the broader changes in medical practices and community health during the early 20th century.

Bighorn National Forest

The Bighorn National Forest, a majestic and sprawling expanse in Buffalo, Wyoming, offers a pristine escape into nature's untouched beauty. This national treasure, covering over a million acres, is not just a forest; it's a vibrant ecosystem that boasts a rich diversity of flora and fauna, set against the backdrop of the magnificent Bighorn Mountains.

From the moment one enters the Bighorn National Forest, it becomes clear that this place is special. The forest provides a sanctuary where the hustle of modern life fades away, replaced by the serene beauty of rolling hills, verdant valleys, and the towering peaks of the Bighorns. This natural haven is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, offering an array of activities that cater to all levels of adventure.

The Bighorn National Forest
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Hiking in Bighorn National Forest is an experience like no other. The forest is laced with trails that range from easy walks to challenging treks, each offering unique vistas and opportunities to witness the area's wildlife. The trails meander through diverse landscapes – from dense woodlands to alpine meadows, and from rocky ridges to serene lakesides. One of the highlights of hiking in the Bighorns is the chance to see the forest's wildlife in their natural habitat. Deer, elk, moose, and even black bears are common sights, making each hike an exciting adventure.

For those who seek a more thrilling experience, the Bighorn Mountains are a haven for mountain biking. The trails offer varying degrees of difficulty, with some providing steep climbs and exhilarating descents. Mountain bikers are treated to breathtaking views and the thrill of navigating through one of the most beautiful landscapes in the West.

Bighorn National Forest
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The Bighorn National Forest is also a popular destination for anglers. The numerous streams and lakes teeming with trout offer a peaceful and rewarding fishing experience. Whether fly-fishing in a quiet stream or casting a line in a mountain lake, anglers find a sense of solitude and connection with nature that is hard to replicate elsewhere.

For those who prefer a more relaxed pace, the forest offers numerous camping sites. Camping in the Bighorns is an opportunity to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with nature. Whether pitching a tent in a secluded spot or staying in one of the forest's developed campgrounds, visitors wake up to the sounds of nature and the sight of a star-filled sky.

Clear Creek Trail Head

Clear Creek Trail Head, located in the charming town of Buffalo, Wyoming, is more than just a pathway through nature – it's a journey through a landscape that captivates the heart and soothes the soul. This trail offers an enchanting experience, harmonizing the serene beauty of Clear Creek with the rugged charm of Wyoming's wilderness. It's a destination where nature's melody plays in the rustling leaves and babbling waters, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in its tranquil embrace.

Clear Creek Trail
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As you embark on your journey along the Clear Creek Trail, the first thing you'll notice is the pristine environment that surrounds you. The trail meanders alongside Clear Creek, a sparkling waterway that serves as the lifeblood of the landscape. The gentle sound of the creek accompanies you as you navigate through the path, providing a soothing backdrop to your adventure.

The trail is an oasis for flora and fauna, boasting a rich tapestry of biodiversity. The area is home to a myriad of wildflowers that bloom in a burst of colors, creating a picturesque scene that changes with the seasons. Birdwatchers will find themselves in a haven, with species like the American Dipper, Mountain Bluebird, and Red-tailed Hawk often spotted along the trail. The presence of small mammals like squirrels and rabbits adds a playful element to the experience, making every step an opportunity to connect with nature.

Clear Creek Trail Head
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Hiking through Clear Creek Trail Head is an experience that caters to all levels of adventurers. The trail offers varying degrees of difficulty, from leisurely walks suitable for families to more challenging routes for the seasoned hiker. Each section of the trail unveils a different aspect of the region's natural beauty, whether it's the lush greenery of the forests, the rocky outcrops that offer panoramic views, or the tranquil spots along the creek perfect for reflection.

One of the most remarkable features of the Clear Creek Trail is its accessibility and maintenance. The trail is well-marked and kept in excellent condition by a dedicated team of professionals. This commitment to maintaining the trail ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for all visitors, whether you're an experienced hiker or someone just looking to enjoy a peaceful walk in nature.

For those who seek a deeper connection with the outdoors, the trail offers ample opportunities for backpacking and camping. Setting up camp near the trail allows you to fully immerse yourself in the wilderness experience. The nights at Clear Creek are magical, with the starry sky creating a celestial canopy overhead, and the gentle sounds of nature lulling you into a peaceful sleep.

Margo's Pottery & Fine Crafts

In the heart of Buffalo, Wyoming, lies a treasure trove of creativity and craftsmanship: Margo's Pottery & Fine Crafts. This charming establishment is not just a store; it's a celebration of art, a showcase of skill, and a testament to the enduring allure of handcrafted goods. At Margo's, visitors are invited to step into a world where each item tells a story, each piece a reflection of the artist's passion and dedication.

Margo's Pottery & Fine Crafts stands out as a beacon of American craftsmanship in a world increasingly dominated by mass-produced goods. The store features a diverse collection of items, each meticulously created by skilled artisans from across the United States. The range of products includes pottery, jewelry, glasswork, and woodcrafts, each piece embodying a unique blend of beauty and functionality.

As you enter Margo's, the first thing that strikes you is the vibrant array of colors and textures that fill the space. The shelves and displays are adorned with pottery pieces that range from classic to contemporary designs. Each piece of pottery, whether it's a mug, a vase, or a decorative bowl, showcases the intricate skill of the potter. The glazes, patterns, and shapes speak of a deep understanding of the craft, a mastery honed through years of dedication.

Margo's Pottery
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Jewelry is another highlight of Margo's collection. The store features a selection of handcrafted jewelry that is as diverse as it is beautiful. From elegant silver earrings to bold beaded necklaces, each piece is a work of art. The jewelry at Margo's is not just about adornment; it's about expression. These pieces allow the wearer to make a statement, to showcase a piece of art that is unique and personal.

Glasswork at Margo's is a dazzling display of creativity and precision. The glass artists featured in the store have mastered the delicate balance between fragility and strength, creating pieces that captivate the eye and stir the imagination. From intricate glass sculptures to functional glassware, the collection is a testament to the versatility and beauty of glass as a medium.

Woodcrafts at Margo's are yet another expression of the store's commitment to fine craftsmanship. The wood pieces, ranging from furniture to decorative items, are crafted with an attention to detail that is palpable. The texture, grain, and warmth of the wood are celebrated in each creation, bringing a piece of nature's beauty into the home.

Mountain Meadow Wool Mill

In the picturesque town of Buffalo, Wyoming, the Mountain Meadow Wool Mill stands as a testament to the timeless art of wool processing, blending traditional methods with modern sustainability. This wool mill is not just a facility; it's a journey into the heart of Wyoming's textile heritage, a celebration of craftsmanship, and a beacon of eco-conscious practices in the industry.

Mountain Meadow Wool Mill begins its story with the raw, natural beauty of wool. Sourced from local ranches, the wool embodies the spirit of Wyoming’s rich ranching heritage. This connection to local producers is more than a business model; it's a commitment to community and sustainability. The wool mill plays a pivotal role in supporting local ranchers, ensuring that their time-honored practices and livelihoods are preserved and cherished.

Mountain Meadow Wool Mill
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Upon entering the wool mill, visitors are greeted with the warm, earthy scent of wool and the soothing hum of machinery. The mill is a harmonious blend of past and present, where traditional wool processing techniques are enhanced with modern technology. This combination ensures the highest quality of woolen products while maintaining the integrity and natural characteristics of the fiber.

The processing journey at Mountain Meadow Wool Mill is a fascinating one. From washing and carding to spinning and dyeing, each step is carried out with meticulous care and attention to detail. The mill's commitment to eco-friendly practices is evident throughout the process. The use of gentle, biodegradable soaps and minimal processing chemicals ensures that the wool retains its natural softness and luster while being kind to the environment.

One of the most captivating aspects of the mill is its artisanal approach to yarn production. The wool is spun into a variety of yarns, each with its unique texture and color. These yarns, ranging from delicate lace weights to robust chunky knits, are a favorite among knitters and crocheters, prized for their quality and natural beauty. The mill also offers hand-dyed yarns, creating a palette of colors that are inspired by the Wyoming landscape – from the deep blues of the Bighorn Mountains to the vibrant hues of wildflowers.

Occidental Hotel Museum

The Occidental Hotel Museum in Buffalo, Wyoming, is not merely a building that houses relics; it is a living, breathing testament to the rich tapestry of the American West. Stepping into this museum is like stepping back in time, where each corner, each artifact, and each room narrates a story steeped in history and legend. The Occidental Hotel, once a hub for cowboys, cattle barons, outlaws, and lawmen, now serves as a museum, offering a vivid window into the colorful past of the Old West.

As you enter the Occidental Hotel Museum, you are immediately enveloped in an ambiance that harks back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The museum has been meticulously restored to preserve its historical integrity, with each room and corridor reflecting the era's architectural and decorative styles. The hotel's original structure, with its high ceilings, wooden floors, and period furniture, transports visitors to a bygone era.

Occidental Hotel Museum
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The museum's collection is a treasure trove of Western history. From the original bar where cowboys and travelers once shared tales over drinks, to the elegantly restored guest rooms that hosted historical figures, every element in the museum tells a part of the story of the American frontier. Authentic artifacts, photographs, and documents are displayed throughout, providing tangible connections to the past.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Occidental Hotel Museum is its gallery of characters. The hotel was a crossroads for a diverse cast of historical figures. Legendary personalities like Butch Cassidy, Calamity Jane, and Buffalo Bill Cody were among those who walked its halls. The museum brings these characters to life, not just as names in a history book, but as real people who played a part in shaping the West.

The museum also offers a glimpse into the everyday life of the hotel's guests and staff. From the luxurious suites of the wealthy patrons to the more modest quarters of the traveling salesmen, the museum showcases the social stratigraphy of the Old West. Each room is a scene frozen in time, complete with authentic furnishings and personal items, offering a rare insight into the lifestyles of different classes during that era.

Crazy Woman Fine Art

Crazy Woman Fine Art, nestled in the heart of Buffalo, Wyoming, is not just an art gallery; it is a vibrant hub of creativity, a showcase of extraordinary talent, and a celebration of the unique spirit of the American West. This gallery, named after the legendary Crazy Woman Creek, is a homage to the artists who capture the essence of this rugged and beautiful region through their work.

As you step into Crazy Woman Fine Art, you are immediately struck by the eclectic and dynamic atmosphere. The gallery is a kaleidoscope of styles and mediums, each piece carefully selected to represent the diverse artistic expressions found in and around Wyoming. From traditional Western art to contemporary pieces, the gallery offers a visual feast that appeals to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

Crazy Woman Fine Art
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One of the defining features of Crazy Woman Fine Art is its commitment to showcasing local and regional artists. The gallery provides a platform for these talented individuals to display their work, allowing them to gain recognition and connect with art enthusiasts and collectors. This focus on local talent not only supports the artists but also ensures that the gallery's collection is deeply rooted in the culture and landscape of Wyoming.

The range of artwork on display is impressive. Visitors can find everything from oil paintings and watercolors to sculptures and pottery. Each piece tells a story, whether it's a vivid landscape painting that transports you to the rolling hills of Wyoming or a sculpture that captures the spirit of the West. The art at Crazy Woman Fine Art is more than just decorative; it's a narrative of the region's history, beauty, and character.

One of the highlights of visiting Crazy Woman Fine Art is the opportunity to meet some of the artists. The gallery often hosts events, openings, and workshops where artists are present to discuss their work and process. These interactions add a personal dimension to the art, allowing visitors to gain insights into the inspiration and techniques behind the creations.

Crazy Woman Fine Art
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The gallery is also a testament to the enduring appeal of Western art. Traditional themes of cowboys, wildlife, and expansive landscapes are prevalent, showcasing the timeless allure of the American frontier. However, Crazy Woman Fine Art also embraces modern interpretations and styles, reflecting the evolving nature of Western art. This blend of old and new ensures that the gallery's collection remains fresh and relevant.

Bozeman Trail Steakhouse

The Bozeman Trail Steakhouse in Buffalo, Wyoming, is not just a restaurant; it's a culinary journey into the heart of Western tradition and hospitality. This establishment, named after the historic Bozeman Trail, is renowned for its hearty meals, warm atmosphere, and a deep connection to the local heritage. It stands as a beloved destination for both locals and travelers, offering a taste of Wyoming's rich culinary landscape.

As you enter the Bozeman Trail Steakhouse, you are greeted by an ambiance that exudes rustic charm and warmth. The decor is a thoughtful homage to the Old West, with historical memorabilia and artifacts adorning the walls. The atmosphere is inviting and comfortable, creating the perfect setting for a memorable dining experience.

Bozeman Trail Steakhouse
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The heart of the Bozeman Trail Steakhouse experience is, undoubtedly, the food. Specializing in classic steakhouse fare, the menu offers a range of mouth-watering dishes prepared with skill and care. The steaks, the restaurant's signature offering, are sourced from local ranches, ensuring freshness and quality. Each steak is expertly seasoned and grilled to perfection, embodying the robust flavors of the region.

Beyond steaks, the menu at Bozeman Trail Steakhouse is a celebration of traditional Western cuisine. From succulent ribs and juicy burgers to fresh, locally sourced trout, there is something to satisfy every palate. The commitment to using local ingredients not only enhances the flavor of the dishes but also supports the local agricultural community.

Bozeman Trail Steakhouse
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One of the unique features of the Bozeman Trail Steakhouse is its commitment to authenticity. The dishes are not just delicious; they are prepared and presented in a way that reflects the culinary traditions of Wyoming. This authenticity extends to the side dishes and desserts, many of which are made from scratch, using time-honored recipes that have been passed down through generations.

The dining experience at the steakhouse is complemented by a selection of fine wines, local beers, and spirits. The beverage menu is carefully curated to pair beautifully with the meals, enhancing the flavors and adding to the overall enjoyment of the dining experience.

Buffalo Golf Club

The Buffalo Golf Club, nestled in the scenic landscapes of Buffalo, Wyoming, is more than just a golf course; it's a symphony of green fairways, blue skies, and the enduring spirit of the game. This golf club, renowned for its stunning views and challenging play, stands as an oasis for golf enthusiasts and a testament to the timeless allure of the sport.

As you arrive at the Buffalo Golf Club, the first thing that strikes you is the breathtaking beauty of the surroundings. The course is set against a backdrop of rolling hills and open skies, offering an almost therapeutic escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The meticulously maintained greens and fairways blend harmoniously with the natural landscape, creating a golfing paradise.

Buffalo Golf Club
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The design of the course at Buffalo Golf Club is a masterful blend of challenge and accessibility. Each hole offers its unique set of challenges, demanding skill and strategy from players. From seasoned golfers to beginners, the course provides an enjoyable experience for all skill levels. The variety in the layout, with its mix of long drives, strategic bunkers, and undulating greens, keeps the game interesting and engaging.

One of the defining features of the Buffalo Golf Club is its commitment to the environment. The course is designed and maintained with a deep respect for the natural landscape and ecology. This commitment is evident in the careful landscaping, water conservation efforts, and the preservation of native flora and fauna. Playing golf here is not just a sporting activity; it's an immersion in nature.

The club's facilities complement the high quality of the golf course. The clubhouse is a hub of activity, offering a range of amenities and services. From the pro shop stocked with the latest golf gear to the comfortable lounge areas where players can relax, the clubhouse caters to every need. The dining options are a delight, with menus featuring local cuisine and refreshing beverages, perfect for replenishing after a round of golf.

The Buffalo Golf Club is also a community center, a place where people come together to share their passion for golf. The club hosts a variety of events and tournaments throughout the year, catering to different age groups and skill levels. These events are not just competitions; they are celebrations of the game, opportunities for members and guests to connect, learn, and enjoy the sport together.

Buffalo Golf Club
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For visitors to Buffalo, Wyoming, the golf club offers an opportunity to experience the local lifestyle. Golfing here is a way to engage with the community, to enjoy the great outdoors, and to appreciate the slower, more relaxed pace of life that characterizes this charming town.

The golf course is also a place of learning and improvement. With professional instructors available, players can hone their skills, learn new techniques, and improve their game. These lessons are tailored to individual needs, making them suitable for golfers of all ages and abilities.

Wagon Box Battle Site and Interpretive Center

The Wagon Box Battle Site and Interpretive Center in Buffalo, Wyoming, stands as a poignant reminder of the tumultuous and often tragic history of the American West. This historic site, located just a short distance from the town, commemorates the Wagon Box Fight of 1867, a significant event during the Red Cloud's War. It's a place that offers visitors a profound insight into the past, combining the solemnity of remembrance with the importance of historical education.

Wagon Box Battle Site
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As you approach the Wagon Box Battle Site, there's an immediate sense of stepping back in time. The landscape, largely unchanged since the 19th century, evokes a powerful image of what the area would have looked like during the days of the Old West. The site is set in a serene, natural setting, offering a stark contrast to the violent history it commemorates.

The Interpretive Center plays a crucial role in the visitor experience. Through a series of exhibits and displays, the center provides a detailed account of the Wagon Box Fight, setting it within the broader context of the Indian Wars and the expansion of the United States into the West. The exhibits are both educational and engaging, offering a blend of historical facts, personal stories, and artifacts that bring the history to life.

Wagon Box Battle Site
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One of the most impactful aspects of the Wagon Box Battle Site and Interpretive Center is its balanced portrayal of the event. The center acknowledges the bravery and strategies of both the U.S. soldiers and the Native American warriors, offering a nuanced perspective that respects the complexities and tragedies of the conflict. This balanced approach fosters a deeper understanding and empathy for all parties involved.

The site itself, where the actual battle took place, is a somber and reflective space. Markers and information plaques are strategically placed, guiding visitors through the events of the day and the key locations within the battle. Walking through the site, one can't help but feel a connection to the past, a sense of the gravity of the events that unfolded on this very ground.

Wagon Box Battle Site
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The Interpretive Center also serves as an educational resource for both locals and visitors. Through its exhibits and educational programs, it provides a deeper insight into the history of the region, the cultural significance of the Native American tribes involved, and the lasting impact of the Indian Wars on the American landscape.

The Wagon Box Battle Site and Interpretive Center is not just about looking back; it's also about understanding the present and fostering dialogue about the future. The center encourages visitors to consider the lessons of the past and their relevance today, promoting a greater appreciation for cultural diversity and the importance of historical preservation.


Buffalo, Wyoming, a town steeped in history and brimming with natural beauty, offers a plethora of experiences that embody the spirit of the American West. From the rugged trails of the Bighorn Mountains to the historic halls of the Occidental Hotel Museum, Buffalo is a destination that captivates and educates. This journey through the "Best Things to Do in Buffalo, WY" has revealed not just the town's diverse attractions but also its unique character and enduring charm.

At the heart of Buffalo's allure is its rich tapestry of history, which is woven into every experience the town offers. The Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum stands as a guardian of this heritage, preserving the stories and artifacts of the West. The Occidental Hotel Museum offers a vivid portal into the past, where one can almost hear the echoes of cowboy boots on wooden floors. These institutions are more than repositories of history; they are living narratives that engage and inspire.

Buffalo, Wyoming
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The natural beauty of Buffalo and its surroundings is a consistent thread in the town's fabric. The scenic drives and hiking trails in the Bighorn National Forest provide not just outdoor adventure but a profound connection with nature. The Buffalo Golf Club, with its stunning vistas, is a reminder of the serene beauty that the West is renowned for. Nature is not just a backdrop in Buffalo; it is an integral part of the experience, offering tranquility and awe in equal measure.

Buffalo's culinary scene, exemplified by the Bozeman Trail Steakhouse, adds another layer to its charm. Here, dining is more than sustenance; it is a celebration of local flavors and traditions. The steakhouse, with its rustic ambiance and hearty meals, is a testament to Wyoming's culinary heritage and its capacity to bring people together.

Buffalo's connection to the broader tapestry of American history is poignantly represented at sites like the Wagon Box Battle Site and Interpretive Center. Here, the past is not just remembered but is also reflected upon, offering lessons and insights relevant to the present day. These historical sites provide a grounding perspective, reminding visitors of the struggles and triumphs that have shaped the nation.