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Cassadaga, FL: Things to Do in Cassadaga, Hotels and Stays, Attractions to Visit

Cassadaga, FL: Things to Do in Cassadaga, Hotels and Stays, Attractions to Visit

The History of Cassadaga

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Cassadaga means 'water under the rocks' according to the Native American language. Cassadaga is a place with a rich history, one that is ‌unique and unusual. There is something mysterious about this place, maybe because it’s considered as the sort of “Mekka” for the psych people in US. Still we think that Casssadaga can take a rightful place in the list of most curious places in the world.

The origins of this place dates back to the Victorian era, 1894 precisely, when a man called George Colby, during his many travels, was allegedly directed to this place by a spirit called 'Seneca'.

The spirit was said to have led him on foot through the wilderness of what is now Central Florida to a place where Cassadaga has been founded. It initially started with 35 acres but has since grown to over 57 acres of land.

Cassadaga is a widely famed spiritual town in Florida comprising about 55 houses that serve as home to Cassadaga's mediums, spiritualists, and healers. The central religion here is spiritualism — the belief in the afterlife and that the dead and living can communicate.

Cassadaga mediums usually receive certification after training at the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp founded by Colby himself.

What to Do in Cassadaga, Florida

If you are wondering what to do in Cassadaga, FL, here are some activities guaranteed to help you get the best out of your trip.

Book Reading Session at Cassadaga psychic shop

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Upon arrival, you can decide to book a reading session at the camp's official welcome center. The building also houses the Cassadaga psychic shop, where you can buy several types of figurines, crystals, and other spiritual souvenirs.

You could also make a stop at the same Cassadaga bookstore to check out the posters detailing the city's upcoming events, services, and ‌mediums.

Walk with Spirits at Horseshoe Park

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The horseshoe park and fairy trail are found along the path from Seneca street through the Colby Memorial Temple. This is a woodland park aimed at demonstrating the original horseshoe shape of the early Cassadaga city.

A tour of the Cassadaga fairy trail is one of the best things to do in Cassadaga.

The trail is not long one but can provide a feeling of connection with natural kindred spirits. Visitors can also add beads to tree trunks as a memento. Further down the trail are photo-ops and fairy houses, where fairy wings are positioned over the entrance and exit.

Colby-Alderman Park Relaxation Session

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The Alderman Park, named after its donor, is renowned for its relaxing outdoor environment. Its luscious trees and vegetation directly overlook the lake, giving it a scenic backdrop.

Boat ramps and fishing tools are available for those who enjoy fishing. In addition, there is room for recreational activities like jogging, walking, running, and picnics. The park has an outdoor volleyball court and a children's playground.

This park offers a complete relaxation package you do not want to miss.

Visit the C. Green’s Haunted History Museum

This “haunted museum” is the perfect stop if you seek to experience the paranormal. It is family-friendly and is over 2,000 square feet large. This museum has about 25 rooms, each having a total collection of over 300 artifacts, including several haunted dolls, ouija boards, and crystals. However, the topmost item here is probably the rental casket built in the 1900s.

The museum is usually open on Fridays and Saturdays. Touring the museum’s mini garden to buy crystals and traditional jewelry and get psychic readings is one of the fun activities to do while on your visit.

Explore the Cassadaga Spiritualist Psychic Center

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Cassadaga is not referred to as the psychic town in Florida for nothing. The Psychic center is a great stop to get readings concerning your life’s journey.

This center is ‌famous for being the home to the brother and sister psychic duo, Chris and Kathy. Both are certified mediums offering counseling, tarot card reading, psychic healing, and other spiritual services. These services are offered both in person and over the phone.

Take a Walk in Seneca Park and Medicine Wheel Park

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These two parks are famous for their spiritual appeal. Seneca Park is named after the spirit that directed Colby to start Cassadaga. This park is adjacent to the Spirit pond and is ideal for meditation.

Medicine Wheel Park was built to honor ancient Native American traditions. Taking a walk along the serene and peaceful ambiance of these two parks is among the best things to do in Cassadaga.

Book a Spirits Tour in Cassadaga

The main purpose of a spirits tour is to learn about the scientific side of spiritualism, including the investigation, analysis, and classification of the different manifestations of the spirit.

Many visitors have reported that some spirit manifestations can be captured on camera, so you might want to bring one.

The terrain here is uneven, ragged, and not fancy, so it is important to dress accordingly.

The Lyonia Preserve

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The Lyonia Preserve covers a massive area of 360 acres. It was set up by a joint effort of the State of Florida and the surrounding Volusia County School Board to provide a natural space that can ‌serve educational purposes now and in the future.

Here, you can experience Mother Nature in its pure form. You can also hunt turtles, hike the trails and watch the birds.

Lyonia Preserve is always a sight to behold in every season.

Shoestring Theater

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To have a direct experience of local culture, Shoestring Theater is your next stop. The theater hosts musicals, plays, and local performances every Thursday through Sunday.

Visit the Devil’s Chair in the Local Cemetery

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Visiting the devil's chair is a worthy adventure to get a paranormal experience. This is a 19th-century memorial sculpture — the devil's chair, is found in the Lake Helen-Cassadaga Cemetery. Legend has it that whoever takes a seat on this sculpture will be visited by the devil.

Another legend says that if a sealed can of drink is left on the seat, it will be empty by the morning. It is not the guards or anyone else drinking it but the mystical powers of the cemetery.

Visit Daytona Beach Nearby

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A visit to the psychic town in Florida without stopping by Daytona Beach is incomplete. The white sand beautiful beach is a beauty to behold, and it offers an assortment of fun water-based activities like sailing, fishing, and surfing.

The exotic Daytona Beach remains one of the best beaches in the US.

Pay Daytona International Speedway a Visit

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This 180-acre speedway is one of the historic car racing centers around the world. A tour of this place will give you close-up views of car racing competitions, and the experience is second to none.

Shop for Tropical Fish at Daytona Aquarium

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This aquarium is home to over 30,000 tropical fish of diverse species and colors. It is a beautiful place to visit if you are a fish lover.

Look at Stetson Hats in Stetson Mansion

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The 1886 mansion built by Hatmaker John Stetson is considered the most historic house in entire Florida. It has over 10,000 antique glass panes, 16 mosaic designs, and several handcrafted wood designs. This mansion is truly a beauty to behold.

Tour the Reptile Discovery Center

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This place is home to many reptile species, from lizards to alligators and even tortoises. There's also a collection of several snakes, including mambas and cobras.

Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays are the best days to visit because live demonstrations of venom extraction are usually done on the snakes.

Wondrous Exploration at Blue Springs State Park

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This park has a lovely spring with waters you can swim in. There are also several hiking trails and overnight cabins where you can spend the night. Boating, fishing, and camping are other activities you can enjoy at this park.

Where to Stay in Cassadaga Florida

Cassadaga Hotel

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There is only one open hotel in this place, which is the hotel Cassadaga. According to the website, this hotel is haunted and has a disturbing history. The initial structure of the hotel got burnt in 1926 and was rebuilt soon after. However, according to report, the spirit of the original residents who lived there is still present, and guests can feel this presence. The website assures visitors that the resident ghosts are 'friendly' and there is nothing to fear.

The hotel is still set in a 1920 style with antique wicker chairs and mahogany decor adorning the lobby, making it an excellent spot for relaxation.

Visitors can book appointments with psychics or mediums in Florida from the hotel. You can also book in-house spiritualists, which usually cost $70 per half an hour.

Rooms in hotel Cassadaga usually range from $65 above. Therefore, bringing children here or any other part of Cassadaga is not advisable.

The Ann Stevens House - Lake Helen

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This 10-room house was built by one of the first spiritualists to settle in Cassadaga, Ann Stevens, in 1895.

This Cassadaga haunted house is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is reportedly 'haunted' by the spirit of Marjorie, a little girl, and a gardener named Virgil.

Their 'ghosts' have reportedly been seen, even by visitors, during the process of spirits hunting. Remember not to use the words 'haunted' and 'ghost' on your tour of this place, as they are prohibited.

You can check it out at https://www.annstevenshouse.com/

Cabin at the Lake

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This cabin began operations in 2008 and has since been working in full swing. It sits on 2 acres of land surrounded by beautiful views of the lake, which visitors can visit anytime.

The cabin has only three rooms, each having its unique design, theme, and name. The aim of this is to help visitors feel comfortable. In addition, the property offers bikes and canoes for rent, which are available to help you explore the place.

Each room has internet access, a mini fridge, and other essential amenities. The food here is also served in a continental style, giving the visitors many options and different tastes.

Several events like family reunions, weddings, and birthday parties are held in the cabin, which makes it lively and entertaining for guests. This place provides a perfect blend of comfort, beautiful scenery, and class.

You can check out this cabin at http://www.cabinonthelake.com/

Eating and Dining at Cassadaga

Cassadaga does not have a lot of dining options. However, here are some of the few places to dine without sacrificing good taste.

Sinatra's Laldila Ristorante

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This is the main restaurant of the Cassadaga hotel. Here, tasty American cuisine is constantly served, accompanied by wine. Although reviews about the food taste vary, everyone loves the wine.

Adjacent to Sinatra is a coffee shop where you can stop by if you are a coffee lover.

BBQs and Pizza in Lake Helen

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Lake Helen is located just about 5 minutes from the main camp.

If you want more spice in this otherwise "spiritual" town, taking your taste buds on a BBQ and pizza tour in Lake Helen is a great idea.

How to Get to Cassadaga, FL

This spiritual town in Florida lies just between Orlando and Daytona Beach. It is about half an hour away from the city's main attractions. It looks very 'unlikely' from afar on the highway, so it is vital to be vigilant in viewing it.

Folklore has it that Cassadaga serves as a meeting point or vortex between the physical and spiritual worlds.


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Cassadaga is considered one of the most spiritual places in Florida. For this reason, several thousands of people across all walks of life visit this place. However, to enjoy your visit without crowd, you should consider off-peak travel times.

Whether you go to Cassadaga alone or in a group, the experience is worth it. Although a highly spiritual town, there are still places to catch fun with its serene and welcoming ambiance. Whatever activities you choose, one thing is sure; you will enjoy your tour of the witch town in Florida.