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Curious Facts from Places Around the World

Curious Facts from Places Around the World

Are you one of those people who believe there is more to the world than what you see? Your thoughts might be just right. There are several unknown facts that will pique your interest, these fun facts about the world will provide you with the memorable experiences you seek on your travels.

There are weird facts about the world, which take different forms. Whether it be cultural quirks or unique attractions, natural quirks, artificial attractions, or weird animals, there is always something out of the ordinary.

It is certainly interesting to learn about these world facts. They're worth seeing for yourself, and this is the reason some of us travel: to be puzzled, surprised, and shocked at weird facts about the world. Let’s look at some of these amazing facts about the world.

Unknown Fun Facts about the World

There are unbelievable world facts from places you won't believe. You might not have heard about them, but they exist here on earth. The likes of the underwater waterfall in Mauritius.

1. Mauritius Has the World's Only Underwater Waterfall

Mauritius was once home to the now-extinct bird Dodo. It is well-known for its crystal clear sea, idyllic beaches, and houses breathtaking world facts. One of which is an incredible phenomenon in the southwest corner of the island that appears to be an underwater waterfall.

The island is said to be on an over 500-foot-deep ocean shelf. However, it descended to depths of about two and a half miles at the shelf’s edge. One of the unknown facts about the Mauritius underwater waterfall is its optical illusion. When viewed from a height above the water, the sand particles in the water are pushed down by the water current, creating the optical illusion of an underwater waterfall.

2. Senegal Has an Entirely Pink Lake

Here is another amazing fact about the world. On the northwest coast of Africa, about 30 km northeast of Dakar, there is a lake like any other in the world called Lake Retba.

The Lake Retba is pink, and this is because of the Dunaliella Salina algae that thrive in it. The extremely high salt content of the lake provides the algae with the ideal condition for its growth. The color is more prominent during the dry season between November and June.


3. Turkmenistan Houses the Gate of Hell

Another weird fact about the world that you should see for yourself — one doesn't have to die before seeing a glimpse of hell. The Turkmenistan Darvaza Crater also referred to as the Gate of Hell, is a natural gas field in Turkmenistan that collapsed into a cavern near the village of Darvaza. Not only is the existence of the Gates of Hell difficult to accept, but one of the unknown facts is how they were formed.

In 1971, some geologists believed the ground in the area contained a full cavern. They set up a drilling rig and found an enormous gas park just beneath the surface.

According to sources, the ground beneath the rig collapsed and swallowed the drill and several top Soviet scientists. Large amounts of methane were released from the hole, which posed a health risk. In hopes that it would run out in a few weeks, they threw a grenade into the hole. It didn't, and so the Gate of Hell was created.

4. A Hill in Ladakh Is Known to Magnet Automobiles.

Ladakh is a name you'll be familiar with if you are an avid traveler who loves to explore far-off destinations or a bicycle enthusiast who loves to explore new trails. It's a union territory in the northern part of India. What makes this hill one of the amazing facts about the world is the magnetic hills, known to pull vehicles; if you turn off your car while in neutral, you'll notice that it is moving at 20 km/h without your effort.

5. Tanzania Has a Mysterious Moving Mountain

This is one of many weird facts about the world. This one has been termed mystical, of all the fun facts about countries that you'll come across. Mountains aren't supposed to move, but a towering sand mountain is doing just that, moving at a rate of 20 meters or 66ft per year.

The fascinating thing about this mountain is that it isn't just the massive dunes that move; even a handful of sand can be transported to another location, still moves. The mountain is 10 meters (33 feet) tall and 100 meters (330 feet) wide.

Every decade, the crescent-shaped Mountain of Sand changes shape and direction, and it interestingly splits in two and travels in opposite directions.

6. The Prettiest Glowworm Cave Is Found in New Zealand.

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet earth. Beyond the mountain ranges, deep valleys, and glaciers, there are a series of caves about 30 million years old, and they have one of the most beautiful views in the world.

The principle behind the glow is one of the unknown facts about this cave. Although, it is said that the glow is caused by glowworms of the species Arachnocampa Luminosa, which can only be found in New Zealand.

When hundreds of thousands of glowworms are active during the summer, you can cruise through the cavern on a boat, as their blue glow provides a magical experience.

7. The Largest Crystal Cave Found in Chihuahua, Mexico

What is the biggest crystal you've ever seen? Well, it's nothing compared to what a team of miners discovered near Naica, in Chihuahua, Mexico. The Cavern is full of gypsum crystals, 980 ft beneath the surface. The largest of the crystals seen was 39 ft long and 13 ft wide. This crystal would weigh as much as 55 tons, making it the largest ever to be found.

8. A Square-shaped Mountain Exists in Venezuela, Mount Roraima

We're used to seeing natural formations with irregular shapes that it seems impossible for something to have a rigid design. This makes Mountain Roraima one of the fascinating facts about the world.

It's a 12 square miles summit surrounded by 1300ft tall cliffs almost in a square shape. Besides the enormously flat surface of this mountain, it has a unique ecosystem with various unusual species of plant animals and waterfalls that are counted amongst the highest of their kinds in the world.

The mountain is considered to be around 2 billion years old. It's indeed one of the mysterious spots for daring. You might dare to travel to this remote destination to have a look.


9. There Is a Forest Not Made of Trees in Madagascar, the Stone Forest

Madagascar is usually thought of as a place with unparalleled biodiversity, but its geographical features are equally fascinating. The stone forest, which is within the Tsingy De Bemaraha national park, is the largest limestone formation in the world, making it one of the incredible world facts. Its name means where one cannot walk barefoot, and that's an apt warning. These pillars, some of which are up to 2600ft, are sharp enough to cut through the flesh or equipment easily. If you are considering a trip to the stone forest, you must traverse it with the utmost care.

10. Wyoming, USA, Is a Place to Find a Stunningly Beautiful Hot Spring with Different Shades of Colors

The stunningly colorful Grand Prismatic Spring is in Yellowstone National Park, and it's the largest hot spring in the United States. It's bigger than a football field, and about 370fts wide, and with a depth of at least 160fts, you could fit a 10-story building inside it.

One of the Unknown facts about this spring is that it is fed through cracks in its floor, through which as much as 560 gallons of water is released into it every minute. Its normal temperature is 160 degrees Fahrenheit, and that's because vibrant rings surround it.

Microbes that live in tropical environments create the color of the spring, depending on the time of the year. The color could be reds, oranges, yellows, greens, and blues. This amazing fact of the world has been a center of attraction for tourists.

Fun Facts About Countries

Maybe you're looking for some interesting facts to fuel your travel fantasies. In either case, we will discuss 16 fun random facts about different countries that might spur you to go there.

1. One of the country facts unique to the Bahamas is an island inhabited only by swimming pigs. The aptly named Pig Beach has been a tourist attraction.

2. Indonesia has the world's largest sanctuary for manta rays. A dead manta ray in Indonesia can be worth $500. Manta rays are estimated to be worth about $1,000,000 in tourism throughout their lifetimes, which is why a ban on fishing them was introduced in 2014.

3. Laos, a Southeast Asia country, is known as a land of a million elephants, although there are only about 800 elephants left in the country. Botswana's famous Chobe National park has the highest population of elephants in the world.

4. There is a lake in Palau where jellyfish evolved without stingers after the lake's connection to the sea closed, leaving them isolated from their natural predators. These so-called "Golden jellyfish" are harmless to humans, and you can swim alongside them.

5. It rains Fish once a year in Yoro, Honduras, an interesting fact about the country. "The Lluvia De peces," which means "rain of fishes," is a phenomenon that occurs yearly for more than a century in Yoro.

This typically occurs in May or June. The residents of that city are always prepared for a rain of fish around this time. The most likely explanation for this is that a whirlwind over water traps the fishes up to the sky. However, whatever goes up must always come down in some form or fashion!

It's an annual weather event that has been occurring for more than a century, in which hundreds of fish rain from the sky to the city's streets in the wake of severe thunderstorms.

6. Living in Edinburgh zoo is a penguin who is a member of the Norwegian Army. The penguin isn't just a part of the army but has also received a knighthood, "Brigadier Sir Nils Olav iii.”

In the 1970s, the Norwegian military guard usually performed at Edinburgh's castle during the military tattoo. The colonel-in-chief, Nils Egelien, would always visit the penguins at the zoo, and he would watch the king penguins. In his opinion, they were like the Norwegian army on parade; they were tall and regal. Hence, he decided to have the king penguin as their mascot.

However, that wasn't enough; the military guard invited a penguin into their ranks and named him after the colonel-in-chief. At the time, the title was given to one of the king penguins. However,  this is the third Nils Olav.

7. One of the intriguing country facts about Madagascar is that over 90% of the wildlife on the island of Madagascar is found nowhere else on the planet.

8. Bhutan is the most mountainous country in the world, with 98.8% of the land area covered in mountains. The average elevation of the country is 3,280 meters above sea level.

9. The Veryovkina cave in Georgia is the deepest in the world, with a known depth of 2,212 meters and a total length of 13500 meters.

10. With 685 parks, Australia has the most national parks. Thailand, with 147 parks, is the country that comes in second.

11. Of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Great Pyramid of Giza is by far the oldest and the only one that remains intact today.

12. One of the interesting facts about the country of Sudan is that it has the most pyramids of any country in the world, not even Egypt has more pyramids.

13. Suriname is the most forested country in the world, with 95% of its land covered by the Amazon.

14. Venezuela owns the tallest waterfall in the world, the Angel Falls. It's at the height of 979 meters.

15. There are quite some interesting facts about the country, UAE. It is home to the world's tallest building, the world's largest mall, the world's highest tennis court, and the world's largest flower garden. The country has varieties of facts that make it so unique.

16. The largest country in the world is Russia. It makes up 10.995% of the world's landmass. Its Asian portion makes it the largest country in Asia, and its European portion makes it the largest country in Europe, with 17.1 million square kilometers, of which 4% is covered with water and with a population of 146 million.

Besides being the largest country in the world, Russia contains Europe's largest lake, Ladoga, and its longest river, Volga.

Final Thoughts

There are many interesting facts about the world that most people don't know. Reality can be crazy, fun, and amazing all at the same time. Researchers will continue to uncover previously unknown world facts, giving us more room to create exciting experiences. Experiencing these emotions at once provides us with memorable and exciting moments we'll remember for the rest of our lives, and it's worth a try.