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Most Popular Streets in New York

Most Popular Streets in New York

From one storey buildings, all the way up to skyscrapers, streets of New York offer one of the most eye-catching streets and famous avenues that have gained popular votes from the residents and non residents of New York. Yes, the pandemic has given way to several restrictions but this should not hinder us from having fun within limits. Since we all enjoy having free time, this means that some places may be a bit crowded and most people prefer off peak travel times to let their hair down. As usual, we have you sorted.

Below, we are going to share the world’s most popular streets, which also happen to be in New York. Strap up, let’s go.


It is not a surprise that Broadway has to be the first popular street to be recommended! The street is famous for its broad way, hence given that name. In such a crowded city, this street is favoured by both locals and tourists. Even food critics rate its restaurants and street food spots very high. There are not too many streets of New York offering such versatility. With regards to its shape, it is the total opposite of streets like Lombard street which curves literally every ten meters. Broadway may not be the main street of New York but it surely qualifies as being considered the richest street in New York.

One of the places to visit, especially if you want to sit down and let your hair down, would be going to the Cinema, but the problem would be selecting which one to go to as they all are of high standard. If you fancy 3D-7D, Broadway is the place to go.

It has other attractions as well. Within the cinemas, there are indoor “chilling spots” as the locals would name them, where you could order yourself some snacks and just relax with your loved ones.

Streets of New York are maintained and kept in a tidy manner despite the abundant population and constant movement on the New York streets at night and daytime. If you feel the need to even explore a bit further, not only within New York, visiting Dubai has to be on the to do list as there are many things one could do there. Ok, back to NYC streets.

Park Avenue

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Inasmuch as NYC streets may be hard to memorize and remember, famous avenues such as Park Avenue would be one of the best places to visit, especially after hours to witness special events that are usually government-sponsored to keep the city’s beautiful nightlife vibrant. It is evident that the youth prefer to be outdoors in the New York city street instead of being locked up at home and the government seems to understand that.

As you may have guessed, this New York City street has a number of parks with very beautiful gardens. It is one of the most romantic streets you could go for a walk on with your partner. The piece and quiet,  freshness of the air given by the plants is priceless. In certain parks, you have the opportunity of witnessing all types of flowers ranging from Roses,  Orchid, Hyacinth even Peruvian Lily flowers could be spotted, though rarely. Famous New York Cities have always been praised for its natural beauty, and Park Avenue has to be one of the reasons why this is so. Being able to go on cheap vacations helps those that do not have the possibilities of going on expensive tours. Park Avenue caters for both.

Park Avenue is one of the places that you would probably enjoy if you got out of the cab and strolled and glanced at the fascinating scenery around, though it is speculated that it must be the longest street in NYC.

Fifth Avenue

If you are a shopping addict you can't miss the Fifth Avenue, AKA shopper’s market. It holds the State’s largest shopping centres according to other streets of New York, with less than a 15% window shopping rate and an 80% impulse purchase rate, hinted one of the store owners of a chain store! Main street New York does not stand a chance when compared to Shopper’s market. It could be the glamorous and shiny windows that attract your attention to impulse a few products to take home as your souvenirs.

Being almost downtown, you can be rest assured that the prices would not be that expensive compared to the beautiful streets NY has to offer. You can come across all types of stores ranging from Zara, Pierre Cardin, Levis and many others if you are into jeans.

Washington Street

If a street name possesses a country’s or city’s name, there surely has to be a story behind it. Famous New York cities have tried to attract the president’s attention, but with no avail, compared to Washington street. The former president had a tendency of visiting this street hence later on named after him after his passing. Ok, what else makes the street stand out? There are more than just a handful of coffee hideouts to just sit and refresh.

There are countless Starbucks outlets in many streets of New York but Washington street settlers seem to be addicted to coffee hence so many coffee/ pizza inns. The world has finally embraced eating unhealthy food! Washington street speaks for itself.

Crosby Street

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When one adores arts and culture, Crosby street has to be in the to go list. «Its drawings and graffiti have earned it a nickname called street museum», — said one of the locals. New York streets at night have a special vibe: the glamorous lighting gives them a vibrant touch of sensation indeed. Taste all the delicious dishes ranging from the exotic restaurants down to the subway meals! Surely worth your staying.

Wall Street

Our list wouldn’t be complete without the land of the sharks. This street surely isn’t for the weak at heart. Every individual you come across on this street has to be a white collared individual. You rarely come across blue collars. This has to be the richest street after Manhattan street of course. Developed countries are not only meant for the rich, but can be a great stepping stone to change one's financial status and Wall Street is one of the places to be. This is the place to go to if you want to witness the stock exchange live and direct. Trillions of dollars are won and lost on this street everyday and that is their routine. Most restaurants are empty not because people are centless, NO! They are all eating on the road ready to close the next million dollar stock that has just been released.

Doyers Street

Source: Timeout.com

Fortunately, cheap beach vacations are common in the US though not on Doyers street!  Inasmuch as it may not be that popular as the likes of Wall street, Washington street or any other richest streets in New York, Doyers street is well known for its simplicity. The streets are kept clean and all the locals confirm that it is a daily habit. The construction and architects that built this street made sure that they pay attention to details. One thing to note though is the constant noise from exotic vehicles that pull up and pull off the parking lot every minute.

Riverside Drive

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The best experience would be to hire or rent a bicycle and enjoy the longest street in NYC. The historical buildings that tell a story, the glass buildings that portray the 21st century technologies all blend in together to create a good sense of validity towards the city’s status. Are you a fan of junk food? This is the street to go to as you will get all sorts of junk meals from as low as $2 up to $50.

If you are also looking for luxurious apartments, there are many apartments, open hotels that are also found among the night towns. Unfortunately there are no cinemas here if you are one that adores movies.

As we conclude, there are many more breathtaking streets that we may have not compiled, which are to come in other episodes. We hope that you have a pleasant stay in New York and don’t forget to subscribe to our news channels as well.