13 Best Things to Do in Aiken, SC

Top Destinations Oct 17, 2023

Nestled in the heart of South Carolina, the quaint city of Aiken is a treasure trove of Southern charm and history. With its picturesque downtown area, lush parks, and rich equestrian heritage, Aiken offers a delightful array of experiences for visitors and residents alike. Our journey into uncovering the charm of Aiken unfolds a tapestry of activities and sights that cater to a variety of interests. Whether you are an avid nature lover, a history buff, or someone with a keen eye for art, Aiken has something in store for you.

As we delve into the heart of Aiken, the city's historical lineage is evident in its well-preserved architecture and the many museums that stand as a testament to its glorious past. The rich equestrian culture is synonymous with Aiken's identity, offering a unique allure to horse lovers and polo enthusiasts. The serene and expansive green spaces provide a tranquil retreat for those seeking a respite from the hustle and bustle, while the bustling local markets and cafes offer a taste of the warm and vibrant community spirit that resides here.

The narrative of Aiken is not just etched in its past but is vibrantly alive in its present. The city's commitment to preserving its heritage while fostering a welcoming environment for new experiences is what makes it a unique destination. Each corner of Aiken tells a story, from the historic halls of fame that celebrate its equestrian legacy to the quaint cafes that offer a cozy retreat with a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Our exploration into the things to do in Aiken, SC will traverse through the broad avenues lined with majestic oaks, into the heart of its historic downtown, through the gates of its lush gardens, and along the trails of its pristine woods. We'll also take a gastronomic adventure through its diverse culinary scene, which is as rich and inviting as the city's culture.

Exploring the Local Art Scene

Aiken’s vibrant art scene is a rich tapestry that reflects the city’s diverse cultural heritage. It's a realm where the traditional meets the contemporary, offering a unique blend that captivates art aficionados and casual observers alike. Aiken’s commitment to nurturing and celebrating art is evident through its numerous galleries, workshops, and events dedicated to promoting local talent. Among the many places where the city’s artistic heart beats the loudest is the Aiken Center for the Arts.

Aiken, SC
Source: Visit Aiken, SC

The Aiken Center for the Arts is not merely a venue but a community hub that fosters creativity and engagement. Situated in the heart of downtown, the Center is a vibrant space that welcomes all who are keen to explore the realm of visual arts. With a broad spectrum of programs, exhibitions, and events, the Center serves as a conduit that connects the community with the enriching world of art.

Stepping into the Aiken Center for the Arts, one is immediately enveloped in a milieu of creativity. The galleries within the Center are abuzz with a rotating display of artworks that range from the traditional to the avant-garde. It's a place where seasoned artists and budding talents alike find a platform to showcase their work to the appreciative audience that Aiken has to offer.

Aiken Center for the Arts
Source: Aiken Center For the Art

The Center’s calendar is a bustling itinerary of events that cater to a wide demographic. From the young to the young at heart, there’s a workshop, class, or exhibition that beckons. Whether it's a pottery workshop, a photography exhibition, or a painting class, the Aiken Center for the Arts is a realm where hands are busy creating, eyes are feasting on beautiful imagery, and minds are engaged in a dialogue with creativity.

Apart from its regular schedule of events, the Center also hosts special events that celebrate the city’s artistic community. The annual Aiken Art Walk is a notable highlight, offering locals and visitors a chance to meander through the downtown area, visiting various galleries and studios, witnessing art in the making, and perhaps finding a piece that speaks to them to take home.

Historical Museums and Halls of Fame

Aiken's historical tapestry is rich, intricate, and adorned with tales of triumph, tradition, and transformation. The city's museums and halls of fame are the custodians of these tales, offering a portal through which one can traverse time and touch the essence of Aiken's illustrious past. Among these revered establishments, the Aiken Thoroughbred Racing Hall of Fame and Museum stands as a monumental tribute to the city's equestrian legacy.

It is more than a mere repository of memorabilia; it's a living chronicle of Aiken's deep-rooted affiliation with the world of horseracing. Nestled in the verdant expanse of Hopelands Gardens, the museum is a homage to the thoroughbred champions that trained in Aiken and went on to national and international acclaim.

Source: City Of Aiken

As you step into the hallowed halls of the museum, you are greeted by a cavalcade of champions. The exhibit showcases a rich lineage of thoroughbreds, jockeys, trainers, and owners who have left an indelible mark in the annals of horseracing. The walls echo with tales of legendary races, celebrated victories, and the timeless spirit of competition that is the hallmark of this noble sport.

The museum also offers a foray into the evolution of horseracing, showcasing the transformation of training methodologies, racing gear, and the enduring camaraderie between horse and rider. The archival footage, photographs, and artifacts weave a narrative that is as thrilling as a neck-and-neck finish at the racetrack.

A short stroll from the museum leads you to the Aiken County Historical Museum—a sanctum of diverse historical artifacts that narrate the story of Aiken County from its earliest days. The museum's vast collection encompasses a wide range of exhibits, from Native American artifacts to antebellum relics, each piece a whisper from the past, recounting tales of the land and its people.

Source: Visit Aiken SC

The Aiken County Historical Museum is a haven for history buffs, offering a panoramic view of the region's evolution over the centuries. It's a place where every exhibit is a page from a bygone era, beckoning the curious to delve deeper into the annals of time.

Nature and Outdoor Activities

The charm of Aiken isn’t merely confined within its historical structures or art galleries; it extends far beyond into the realms of lush greens, clear skies, and the simple yet profound serenity found in nature. The city’s abundant natural spaces provide a haven for those looking to escape the urban clamor and reconnect with the outdoors. Among the myriad of natural havens, Hitchcock Woods and the Aiken County Farmers Market stand as prominent figures in the narrative of outdoor experiences in Aiken.

Hitchcock Woods, with its vast expanse of 2,100 acres of forestland, is a sanctuary for nature enthusiasts. Located at the heart of the city, this urban forest is one of the largest of its kind in the nation. Its trails, stretching over 70 miles, beckon hikers, runners, dog walkers, and anyone with an affinity for the outdoors to explore the serene and untamed beauty of Aiken’s natural landscape. As you venture through the trails, the rustle of leaves, chirping birds, and the gentle whisper of the breeze through the towering pines provide a harmonious symphony that resonates with the tranquil ambiance of the woods.

Source: Hitchcock Woods Foundation 

Apart from being a haven for solitary wanderers or groups seeking adventure, Hitchcock Woods plays host to a number of events throughout the year, including the iconic Aiken Horse Show, which is a testament to the city’s equestrian culture blending harmoniously with its natural heritage.

Not far from the tranquil trails of Hitchcock Woods, the lively atmosphere of the Aiken County Farmers Market unfolds every Saturday. As the oldest county farmers' market in South Carolina, this venue is a vibrant showcase of the region’s agricultural bounty. The market is a delightful congregation of local farmers, artisans, and patrons who come together in a celebration of community, tradition, and the simple joy of fresh produce. From succulent fruits, fresh vegetables, to handmade crafts, the market is a spectrum of colors, flavors, and textures.

Source: Aiken County Farmers Market

The rustic tables of the market, laden with fresh produce, baked goods, and artisanal crafts, tell tales of the hardworking hands of Aiken County. As you meander through the stalls, engaging with local farmers, sampling fresh produce, or simply soaking in the congenial atmosphere, you become a part of a tradition that has been the essence of community living in Aiken for over 50 years.

The dichotomy of tranquil woods and bustling market encapsulates the diverse outdoor experiences Aiken has to offer. Whether it's the solitude of the woods or the camaraderie of the market, Aiken provides a canvas where every individual can paint their own outdoor adventure. It’s a significant chapter in the array of things to do in Aiken, SC, offering a balanced blend of serene nature and vibrant community life.

Garden Escapades

Amidst the urban charm of Aiken, there lies a verdant retreat that awaits those who seek a tranquil commune with nature. The city, with its well-maintained gardens, offers a respite to the soul and a feast to the eyes. Among these green havens, Hopelands Gardens stands as a symbol of Aiken's botanical heritage, embodying the serenity and beauty that nature bestows.

Hopelands Gardens, with its sprawling 14 acres of lush landscape, is a living testament to the harmonious co-existence of nature and history in Aiken. As you step into this botanical haven, you're greeted by an array of flora that paints a picture of colors, textures, and fragrances. The garden’s winding paths lead you through a diverse collection of azaleas, camellias, oaks, and other ornamental plants, each turn unveiling a new scene of natural beauty.

Source: Visit Aiken SC

Nestled within the gardens is the historic Rye Patch estate, offering a glimpse into Aiken’s aristocratic past. The estate, with its colonial revival architecture, stands as a silent observer to the changing seasons of the gardens. As you stroll through the verdant expanses, the elegant pathways invite you to explore further, leading you to hidden ponds, serene reflecting pools, and the iconic Thoroughbred Racing Hall of Fame and Museum.

Planning a picnic amidst the picturesque setting of Hopelands Gardens is one of the cherished activities for both locals and visitors. The gentle rustle of leaves, the soft chirping of birds, and the tranquil atmosphere provide the perfect backdrop for a relaxing day out. The gardens also play host to various events and concerts throughout the year, the most notable being the Concert Series that fills the air with melodious tunes as the sun sets, casting a golden glow on the verdant surroundings.

Hopelands Gardens is not just a garden; it’s a sanctuary where the hustle of the city fades into a distant hum, where every tree, every flower tells a story, and where the simple joys of nature can be savored.

The garden escapade in Aiken doesn’t end at Hopelands Gardens. The city’s landscape is dotted with numerous other gardens and parks, each with its own unique charm and story to tell. Aiken’s commitment to preserving its natural heritage while providing a serene refuge for its citizens and visitors is a vital chapter in the narrative of "Things to Do in Aiken, SC." It’s an invitation to pause, to breathe, and to relish the simple yet profound beauty that nature bestows.

Equestrian Adventures

Aiken’s rich equestrian heritage is a vibrant thread in the city’s cultural fabric. The gentle whinny of horses, the soft thud of hooves against the earth, and the elegance of equestrian sports are intrinsic to Aiken’s identity. The city’s long-standing love affair with everything equestrian is celebrated and nurtured in various facets, with the Whitney Polo Field standing as a significant emblem of this tradition.

The Whitney Polo Field is a living testament to Aiken’s enduring equestrian legacy. Established in 1882, this historic venue has witnessed countless polo matches, becoming a beloved locale for both spectators and players. Nestled in the heart of the city, the field is an iconic site where the age-old tradition of polo continues to thrive.

The Whitney Polo Field
Source: Post and Courier

As you step onto the grounds of the Whitney Polo Field, the expansive green stretches invite a sense of anticipation, evoking images of galloping horses, skilled riders, and the exhilarating chase of the ball. The field is a spectacle of grace and skill as players engage in the “Sport of Kings” against the picturesque backdrop of Aiken’s serene landscape.

The field isn’t merely a venue for polo matches; it’s a community gathering point where residents and visitors come together to celebrate the equestrian spirit of Aiken. The camaraderie among the audience, the shared gasps of excitement with every goal, and the collective appreciation for the sport foster a sense of community and tradition.

The equestrian adventure in Aiken extends beyond polo. The city’s various riding schools, equestrian events, and horse shows offer a multitude of experiences for horse lovers. Whether you are a seasoned rider or someone wanting to experience horseback riding for the first time, Aiken provides a perfect setting.

The gentle rolling landscapes, the network of trails, and the supportive equestrian community make Aiken a haven for riders. Every trot and canter along the scenic trails is a melody in the symphony of things to Do in Aiken, SC.

Equestrian Adventures in Aiken are not just about the ride; they are about immersing in a culture that reveres the bond between humans and horses. It’s about experiencing a tradition that’s as old as time yet as refreshing as the morning breeze.

Dining Experience in Aiken

Amidst a city adorned with natural beauty, equestrian charm, and historical richness, Aiken's culinary scene emerges as yet another realm of exploration. The city's dining landscape is a delightful blend of traditional Southern fare, innovative culinary creations, and international flavors. Among the numerous eateries, New Moon Cafe stands as a testament to Aiken's vibrant and diverse dining culture.

New Moon Cafe is a quaint spot nestled in the heart of Aiken. Known for its cozy ambiance, friendly service, and a menu that caters to a variety of palates, it's a place where locals and visitors come together over the love of good food. As you step into the cafe, the aroma of fresh coffee beans and the sight of a display filled with a variety of baked goods entices the senses.

New Moon Cafe
Source: New Moon Cafe

Whether it's the morning rush for a cup of freshly brewed coffee and a hearty breakfast or a leisurely lunch, New Moon Cafe offers a welcoming environment. The menu is an eclectic mix of traditional American fare, creative sandwiches, and wholesome salads. Every dish is prepared with a touch of love and a commitment to quality, embodying the essence of Aiken's warm hospitality.

But the culinary adventure in Aiken doesn't stop at New Moon Cafe. The city hosts a multitude of restaurants, cafes, and eateries, each offering a unique dining experience. From upscale dining establishments where culinary artistry is at the forefront to casual eateries that serve comforting home-cooked meals, Aiken's food scene is as diverse as its cultural heritage.

As you venture through the city's dining landscape, every meal tells a story. It’s a narrative of Aiken's agricultural bounty, the skill of local chefs, and the community’s love for gathering over a good meal. The experience is not merely about satiating the palate; it's about engaging in a gastronomic journey that highlights the city’s culinary diversity.

Historic Hotel Stay

Amidst the array of experiences that Aiken offers, a stay at a historic hotel is a unique venture into the city's elegant past. The Willcox Hotel, standing as a timeless emblem of Aiken’s colonial revival architecture, offers a blend of historical charm and modern comfort, making it an exquisite choice for those seeking a distinctive lodging experience.

The Willcox Hotel is more than just a place to rest your head; it's a journey back in time, where the echoes of the past mingle with the comforts of the present. As you step into the grand lobby, the elegant interiors, adorned with period furnishings and a cozy fireplace, transport you to a bygone era of grandeur.

Willcox Hotel
Source: Opentable

The rooms and suites are a fine blend of classic elegance and modern amenities, ensuring a comfortable and luxurious stay. The meticulous attention to detail, from the plush bedding to the vintage decor, reflects a rich tradition of hospitality that The Willcox has upheld for over a century.

Beyond the opulent rooms, The Willcox offers a culinary delight at its in-house restaurant. The menu, curated with a farm-to-table philosophy, is a tribute to Aiken’s agricultural bounty. The dining experience here is a gastronomic journey that complements the historical ambiance of the hotel.

The Willcox doesn't just stop at providing a luxurious stay and a delightful dining experience. The hotel hosts various events and activities that provide a glimpse into Aiken’s vibrant community life. Whether it's a live music night or a local wine tasting event, The Willcox creates a space where guests can engage with the local culture.

Unusual Attractions

Amidst its historical charm and natural beauty, Aiken also houses a few unusual attractions that add a unique flavor to the city’s narrative. One such site that stands as a poignant reminder of the past is the location of Aiken’s 1953 Gas Explosion.

On the morning of December 12, 1953, the city of Aiken experienced a tragic event that left a lasting imprint on its history. A gas explosion occurred in a building on Laurens Street, causing immense damage and loss. Today, a memorial plaque marks the site, commemorating the lives lost and the heroic actions of the responders.

Source: Post and Courier

Visiting the site of the 1953 Gas Explosion provides a solemn but significant experience. It’s a moment to reflect on the resilience and the spirit of the Aiken community that came together in the face of adversity. The plaque, though simple, tells a story of a city that endured, recovered, and grew stronger.

This unusual attraction is not just a site of remembrance but a testament to Aiken’s history and the indomitable spirit of its people. It adds a layer of depth to the narrative of “Things to Do in Aiken, SC,” presenting a facet of the city’s history that evokes reflection and respect.

Craft Beer and Brewery Tour

A visit to Aiken isn’t complete without immersing in the city’s burgeoning craft beer scene. With a growing community of brewers and enthusiasts, the city offers a hearty toast to the tradition of brewing. Among the places where hops and barley come to life is the Aiken Brewing Company, a local establishment that has been serving crafted brews in a friendly ambiance.

Aiken Brewing Company is a haven for beer aficionados. Nestled in the heart of downtown Aiken, this brewery embodies the spirit of community and the tradition of brewing. As you step inside, the warm, rustic interiors invite you to relax and enjoy a pint amidst the camaraderie of fellow beer lovers.

The brewery prides itself on its selection of handcrafted beers that cater to a variety of palates. Whether you're a fan of a robust stout, a refreshing lager, or an aromatic ale, the Aiken Brewing Company offers a diverse menu that celebrates the art of brewing. Each pint is a testament to the skill and passion that goes into crafting a brew that resonates with the discerning taste of beer enthusiasts.

Beyond the beer, the Aiken Brewing Company offers a glimpse into the brewing process. The open brewing area allows curious patrons to observe the journey of beer from grain to glass, making the experience educational and enjoyable.

The lively atmosphere is often accompanied by live music, adding a melody to the hum of conversations and the clinking of glasses. It’s a place where the community gathers to celebrate the simple joys of life over a well-crafted brew.

Shopping in Downtown Aiken

Amid the verdant avenues and historic charm of Aiken, lies a shopper’s paradise waiting to be discovered. Downtown Aiken is a hub of quaint boutiques, artisanal shops, and cozy bookstores, each offering a unique shopping experience. Among these delightful establishments, 3 Monkeys Fine Gifts stands as a distinctive destination for those in search of the unique and the beautiful.

Monkeys Fine Gifts is a treasure trove nestled in the heart of Downtown Aiken. The store is a celebration of creativity, craftsmanship, and the joy of finding the perfect gift. As you step inside, you're greeted by an array of finely curated items ranging from home decor, jewelry, to unique souvenirs that encapsulate the spirit of Aiken.

3 Monkeys Fine Gifts
Surce: Mapquest

The charm of shopping in Downtown Aiken extends beyond the doors of 3 Monkeys Fine Gifts. The area is dotted with a variety of shops that beckon the curious shopper. Boutiques showcasing the latest fashion trends, antique shops whispering tales of the past, and art galleries displaying the creative spirit of the local artisans, each store is a window into the diverse culture of Aiken.

The shopping experience in Downtown Aiken is not just about the merchandise; it’s about the warm and welcoming atmosphere that encapsulates the essence of southern hospitality. The friendly shop owners, the unhurried pace, and the joy of discovering hidden gems make shopping in Downtown Aiken a delightful adventure.

Farmers Markets and Local Produce

Aiken's agricultural heritage is a vibrant tapestry that adds a rustic charm to the city's urban landscape. Amidst the lush fields and verdant gardens, Aiken’s farmers markets emerge as lively venues where the community celebrates its agricultural bounty. The Aiken County Farmers Market stands as a notable emblem of this tradition, offering a platform for local farmers and artisans to showcase their produce and crafts.

Aiken County Farmers Market is a bustling venue that comes to life every Saturday morning. As you step into the market, the vibrant display of fresh produce, the aroma of baked goods, and the congenial chatter of patrons and vendors create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Aiken County Farmers Market
Source: Post and Courier

The stalls at the market are a kaleidoscope of colors and textures. Freshly harvested vegetables, ripe fruits, organic honey, homemade jams, and handcrafted goods are just a few of the treasures awaiting discovery. Each vendor at the market has a unique story, a passion for their craft, and a shared commitment to promoting local agriculture and sustainability.

Engaging with the farmers, learning about their cultivation methods, and sampling the fresh produce is not merely a shopping excursion but an educational experience. It’s an opportunity to appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into nurturing the land and bringing its bounty to the community.

The market also serves as a social hub, a place where friends meet, families gather, and the community comes together to celebrate the simple joys of life in a rustic setting.

Festivals and Events

Aiken's calendar is punctuated with a plethora of festivals and events that celebrate the city's diverse culture, historical heritage, and communal spirit. Among the myriad events, the Aiken's Makin' festival stands as a prominent celebration that showcases the city’s creative vigor and community camaraderie.

Aiken's Makin is an annual event that transforms the streets of downtown Aiken into a vibrant marketplace of creativity. As you stroll through the festival, the air is filled with the rhythm of live music, the aroma of delicious food, and a colorful display of arts and crafts. Local artisans come together to showcase their talents, offering a diverse range of handcrafted goods that are as unique as the creators themselves.

Aiken's Makin
Source: Post and Courier

The festival is a celebration of Aiken’s creative community, providing a platform for artists, craftsmen, and performers to share their passion with the public. It’s a space where the heartbeats of Aiken's culture resonate through the melody of live performances, the stroke of a paintbrush, and the craftsmanship of local artisans.

Apart from Aiken's Makin', the city hosts a variety of other events throughout the year. From the thrill of horse racing events, the historical reenactments, to the joyous holiday celebrations, each festival and event is a chapter in the ever-evolving narrative of Aiken.

Engaging in these celebrations allows you to immerse in the local culture, experience the communal spirit, and create cherished memories. Each event is a microcosm of Aiken’s larger narrative, offering a glimpse into the city’s vibrant community life.

Education and Learning Opportunities

Aiken is not only a hub of historical, cultural, and natural attractions, but it also offers a rich landscape for education and personal growth. The city is home to several institutions and venues that promote learning and intellectual engagement. Among these, the Ruth Patrick Science Education Center stands as a notable establishment dedicated to fostering a love for science and discovery among learners of all ages.

The Ruth Patrick Science Education Center is housed within the University of South Carolina Aiken campus. It's a realm where curiosity meets knowledge, offering a multitude of programs, exhibits, and events that spark the inquisitive mind. As you venture through the center, the interactive displays, hands-on exhibits, and enlightening workshops provide a stimulating environment for exploring the wonders of science.

The Ruth Patrick Science Education Center
Source: USC Alken

The center also hosts various events throughout the year, including science fairs, lectures, and family science nights. These events provide an engaging platform for learners, educators, and the community to come together in the spirit of discovery and lifelong learning.

Beyond the Ruth Patrick Science Education Center, Aiken boasts a range of other educational venues. From its well-resourced libraries, historical museums, to the local arts centers, each institution offers unique learning experiences that cater to a wide spectrum of interests.

Golfing in Aiken

The gentle rolling hills, temperate climate, and picturesque landscapes make Aiken a golfer’s haven. The city’s rich golfing heritage is showcased through its well-maintained courses, each offering a unique challenge and a chance to immerse in the serene natural beauty of Aiken. Among the various golfing venues, the Aiken Golf Club stands as a classic course that has been a part of the city’s golfing narrative for over a century.

Aiken Golf Club is a testament to the timeless appeal of the sport in the region. Nestled amidst towering pines and native foliage, the course offers a peaceful retreat with every fairway and green. As you tee off amidst the tranquil surroundings, the meticulously maintained course provides a delightful challenge for golfers of all skill levels.

The course isn’t just a playground for golf enthusiasts; it’s a living narrative of Aiken’s golfing heritage. Its historic clubhouse, traditional layout, and the old-world charm provide a nostalgic experience, transporting golfers to the golden era of the sport.

Aiken Golf Club
Source: Visit Augusta

But the golfing adventure in Aiken extends beyond the greens of Aiken Golf Club. The city hosts several other golf courses, each with its own unique layout, challenges, and scenic vistas. Whether you're a seasoned golfer looking to test your skills or a novice eager to learn the game, Aiken’s golf courses offer a variety of experiences catering to all golfing enthusiasts.


As our exploration of Aiken, SC, unfolds, it’s clear that this charming city is a tapestry of diverse experiences. From its historical roots, illustrated through the elegant facades of its buildings and the whispers of the past in its museums, to its rich equestrian tradition that gallops through its veins, Aiken is a place where history and tradition blend seamlessly with modernity and natural beauty.

The city's verdant gardens and parks provide a serene escape, where every leaf and petal tells a story of growth and resilience. The bustling farmers markets and annual festivals celebrate the community spirit, showcasing the city’s agricultural bounty and creative pulse. Whether it's the rhythmic trot of horses, the melodious tunes of local musicians, or the clinking of glasses in a cozy brewery, each aspect of Aiken resonates with a sense of belonging and celebration.

The educational institutions and events in Aiken provide a platform for intellectual engagement and lifelong learning. They invite both residents and visitors to delve into the realms of science, history, and art, fostering a culture of curiosity and enlightenment.

As you meander through the quaint shops of Downtown Aiken, engage with the local artisans, or tee off in the serene golf courses, you weave your own narrative into the vibrant tapestry that is Aiken, SC. Each experience, whether it’s the taste of a locally brewed beer, the sight of a historic mansion, or the feel of a handmade craft, adds a color, a note, a texture to the rich narrative of Aiken.

The city’s inviting ambiance, friendly residents, and the plethora of activities make Aiken, SC, a destination that promises a rich and fulfilling experience. The narrative of "Things to Do in Aiken, SC" is not merely a list of attractions but an invitation to immerse in a community that celebrates life in its myriad forms. It’s about making memories, learning, celebrating, and discovering the essence of a city that holds its past dear while embracing the present with open arms.

Through the eyes of a visitor, Aiken unveils its charm, one experience at a time, inviting you to become a part of its story, to celebrate its heritage, and to discover the simple joys that make life in Aiken a cherished experience.