Kid-Friendly Outdoor Attractions in Lancaster, PA

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Lancaster, Pennsylvania, a mosaic of rolling hills, picturesque farmlands, and rich cultural heritage, is a treasure trove of experiences for families. As you venture into this vibrant community, you're greeted with a plethora of activities that are not just enjoyable but educational too. In this blog post, we're delving into the heart of Lancaster to uncover its kid-friendly outdoor attractions. These attractions are not just stops on a map; they are gateways to creating unforgettable memories with your family.

At the core of Lancaster's appeal is its ability to blend the charm of rural life with the excitement of outdoor adventures. Places like Cherry Crest Adventure Farm and Eastland Alpacas offer a hands-on experience of farm life, where children can engage with animals and understand the simplicity of rural living. These experiences are pivotal in teaching kids about the origins of their food and the importance of sustainable living.

Diving deeper into Lancaster's offerings, the Indian Echo Caverns and Wolf Sanctuary of PA present an opportunity to explore the wonders of nature and wildlife. These destinations provide a unique educational experience, where kids can learn about geology, biology, and the importance of wildlife conservation in an interactive and engaging environment.

Lancaster, PA
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But Lancaster's allure isn't just about nature and wildlife. It's also about immersing yourself in the cultural tapestry that makes this place unique. The Amish Attractions, including the Amish Farm & House and Amish Experience, offer a window into a different way of life. These attractions provide a rich educational background, allowing families to understand and appreciate the simplicity and skill of the Amish way of life.

Lancaster's kid-friendly attractions are not just places to visit; they're experiences that educate, excite, and inspire. They're about creating memories that last a lifetime. This blog post is your guide to exploring these wonders, ensuring your trip to Lancaster, PA, is filled with joy, learning, and unforgettable moments.

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm: Explore a world of fun with over 50 family activities​​.

Nestled in the heart of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Cherry Crest Adventure Farm stands as a testament to family fun and agricultural education. This extraordinary destination, spanning across lush green fields, offers an array of over 50 activities that promise an unforgettable day out for families. From the iconic Amazing Maize Maze to the joy of interacting with farm animals, Cherry Crest Adventure Farm is more than just an attraction; it's a celebration of the countryside and a haven for family bonding.

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm
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The centerpiece of Cherry Crest Adventure Farm is undoubtedly its renowned Amazing Maize Maze. Spread over five acres, this maze is not just a walk through tall cornstalks but a full-fledged adventure. Each year, the maze features a new theme and design, challenging both young and older minds alike. Navigating through its intricate paths, families work together, solving clues and puzzles, making it a perfect exercise in teamwork and problem-solving. The sense of achievement upon finding your way out is matched only by the laughter and stories shared along the journey.

At Cherry Crest Adventure Farm, interaction and education go hand in hand. The farm offers a unique opportunity for children to learn about agriculture and animal husbandry in a hands-on manner. Activities like feeding baby chicks, racing rubber ducks, and watching pig races not only entertain but also instill a sense of respect and love for farm animals and the environment. The farm’s educational component is subtly woven into its activities, ensuring that learning is as much fun as playing.

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm
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Adrenaline-pumping fun awaits at the pedal kart tracks, where kids and parents alike can race around in a safe and exhilarating environment. These karts are not just about speed; they teach children about coordination and physical exercise, all while they enjoy the thrill of the race. Additionally, the farm offers relaxing wagon rides, allowing families to sit back and absorb the scenic beauty of Lancaster County’s countryside. These rides provide a moment of tranquility amidst a day full of activity.

The farm is dotted with numerous play areas, each offering different experiences. The Straw Bale Racer, Giant Hay Chute Slide, and the Jump Pillow provide endless fun for those who love physical activities. Meanwhile, the Discovery Barn caters to curious minds, with educational displays about farming and livestock. For the little ones, the Lil’ Farmers Playland is a safe and engaging area where they can climb, slide, and explore.

Eastland Alpacas: Get up close with adorable alpacas and learn about farm life​​.

Eastland Alpacas, located in the serene landscapes of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, offers a unique and delightful experience for families and animal lovers. This 30-acre farm, dedicated to raising and caring for alpacas, provides a perfect blend of education, interaction, and fun in a picturesque rural setting. As visitors enter the gates of Eastland Alpacas, they are welcomed into a world where the charm of farm life meets the joy of close encounters with these gentle and adorable creatures.

Eastland Alpacas
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The experience at Eastland Alpacas starts with a guided tour of the farm, where visitors can learn about the daily routines and care involved in alpaca farming. The tour guides, often the farm owners themselves, share fascinating insights about alpacas, their origin from the Andes Mountains, and their significance in the textile industry. As families walk through the farm, they are greeted by the sight of alpacas grazing peacefully in the fields, offering a moment of serene connection with nature.

One of the highlights of visiting Eastland Alpacas is the opportunity to interact with the alpacas up close. Visitors can feed and pet these friendly animals, an experience that is both heartwarming and educational. Children, in particular, are delighted by the softness of the alpacas’ fleece and their curious, gentle nature. This hands-on interaction not only brings smiles but also fosters a sense of empathy and respect for animals among the young visitors.

Eastland Alpacas
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Eastland Alpacas is not just about observing and interacting with the animals; it's also about understanding the broader aspects of farm life. The farm showcases the process of shearing alpacas and transforming their fleece into yarn. Visitors can witness the journey from fleece to fabric, an enlightening experience that highlights the value of sustainable and ethical farming practices. The farm's store offers a variety of products made from alpaca fiber, including sweaters, scarves, and socks, allowing visitors to take a piece of their experience home.

In addition to the farm tours, Eastland Alpacas also offers educational workshops and events throughout the year. These events are designed to deepen the understanding of alpaca farming and the importance of agriculture in our daily lives. From shearing demonstrations to fiber arts workshops, these events provide a hands-on learning experience for all ages.

Indian Echo Caverns: An all-season adventure with a cool cave exploration and petting zoo​​.

Indian Echo Caverns, nestled in the heart of Pennsylvania near the picturesque town of Hummelstown, offers an enchanting all-season adventure for visitors of all ages. This natural wonder, renowned for its stunning underground cave system, provides a unique blend of geological education, historical insight, and recreational fun. The caverns, maintaining a consistent temperature of 52 degrees year-round, promise a fascinating journey into the depths of the Earth, making it an ideal destination regardless of the weather outside.

Indian Echo Caverns
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As visitors embark on their exploration of Indian Echo Caverns, they are transported into a world that has been forming for over 440 million years. The guided tour through the caverns is not just a walk through a series of caves; it's a journey back in time. Knowledgeable guides lead the way, illuminating the winding passageways and vast chambers that make up this subterranean landscape. The walls of the caverns, adorned with stalactites, stalagmites, and flowstones, create an otherworldly atmosphere, sparking the imagination of both young and old.

The highlight of the tour is the Cathedral Room, a breathtaking chamber where the natural acoustics and majestic formations leave visitors in awe. Here, stories of the Native Americans and early European settlers who once used the caverns are brought to life, connecting the geological marvels with the rich tapestry of local history. The guides share tales of adventure and survival, adding a human element to the awe-inspiring natural beauty of the caves.

Beyond the cave exploration, Indian Echo Caverns offers a variety of outdoor activities that complement the underground experience. The petting zoo, a favorite among younger visitors, allows children to interact with friendly farm animals, including goats, sheep, and rabbits. This hands-on experience is not just entertaining but also educational, teaching children about the different species and their care.

Indian Echo Caverns
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Indian Echo Caverns also features a playground and picnic areas, where families can relax and enjoy the scenic beauty of the surrounding landscape. The playground, equipped with swings, slides, and climbing structures, provides a safe and fun environment for children to play and expend energy. The picnic areas, set amidst the natural beauty of the Pennsylvania countryside, offer a perfect spot for a family lunch or a peaceful break.

Wolf Sanctuary of PA: Witness wolves in their natural habitat in this woodland sanctuary​​.

Nestled in the serene woodlands of northern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the Wolf Sanctuary of PA offers a rare and captivating experience for nature enthusiasts and wildlife advocates. This sanctuary, a haven for wolves and wolf-dogs, provides a unique opportunity to witness these majestic creatures in a natural setting. Spanning over 80 acres of natural woodland, the sanctuary is more than just a wildlife refuge; it's a center for education, conservation, and the appreciation of one of nature's most misunderstood creatures.

Wolf Sanctuary of PA
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The Wolf Sanctuary of PA, originally established in the 1980s, has become a vital safe haven for wolves and wolf-dogs that have been rescued from situations where they cannot be cared for properly. The sanctuary provides these animals with a habitat that closely resembles their natural environment, offering them the dignity and respect they deserve. As visitors walk through the sanctuary, they are greeted by the sight of wolves roaming, playing, and resting in large, fenced enclosures that mimic their native habitats.

Guided tours of the sanctuary are an educational and enlightening experience, led by knowledgeable staff and volunteers who share their passion and expertise about wolves. These tours provide insights into the biology, behavior, and conservation challenges facing wolves. Visitors learn about the social structure of wolf packs, their role in the ecosystem, and the myths and misconceptions that have led to their decline in the wild.

Wolf Sanctuary of PA
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One of the most impactful aspects of the Wolf Sanctuary of PA is the opportunity to observe the wolves at a close yet respectful distance. The sanctuary's residents, each with their unique story and personality, captivate visitors. From the regal alpha pairs to the playful younger wolves, each individual wolf offers a glimpse into the complex social dynamics of these fascinating creatures.

Amish Attractions: Discover Lancaster's heritage through Amish experiences​​.

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, is renowned not just for its picturesque landscapes but also for its rich Amish heritage. This region, often referred to as Pennsylvania Dutch Country, offers a unique glimpse into the Amish lifestyle, a community known for their simple living, plain dress, and reluctance to adopt many conveniences of modern technology. Visitors to Lancaster County have the opportunity to immerse themselves in this distinctive culture through various Amish attractions, providing an enlightening and authentic experience of a way of life that continues to fascinate people worldwide.

Amish country
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The journey into Amish country often begins with a visit to The Amish Village, an authentic replica of an Amish community located in the heart of Lancaster County. This meticulously designed attraction allows visitors to step back in time and experience the Amish way of life. The tour includes a walkthrough of an Amish farmhouse, schoolhouse, and barn, providing a comprehensive view of the daily life and customs of the Amish people. Knowledgeable guides offer insights into Amish traditions, beliefs, and the history of the Amish in America, creating a rich educational experience for visitors of all ages.

Another highlight in exploring Amish heritage is a visit to the Amish Farm and House, which has been educating the public about the Amish since 1955. This farm offers a unique blend of education and interaction, where visitors can tour a working Amish farm, complete with farm animals, gardens, and various workshops. Here, one can witness traditional farming techniques, learn about Amish craftsmanship, and understand the significance of agriculture in the Amish community. The experience is both informative and engaging, providing a closer look at how the Amish sustainably live off the land.

A tour of Lancaster County’s Amish attractions would not be complete without a traditional buggy ride. Companies like Aaron & Jessica’s Buggy Rides offer a variety of tours through the Amish countryside. These rides provide an up-close look at the lush farmlands, one-room schoolhouses, and Amish homesteads. A buggy ride is not just a leisurely journey through scenic landscapes; it’s an opportunity to connect with the peaceful pace of life that characterizes the Amish community.

Amish country
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Lancaster County also offers a variety of shops and markets where visitors can purchase Amish-made goods. Places like the Bird-in-Hand Farmers Market and the Kitchen Kettle Village showcase the finest in Amish craftsmanship, including quilts, furniture, and homemade foods. These markets are not just shopping destinations; they are a testament to the Amish dedication to quality and hard work. Each product, whether a hand-stitched quilt or a jar of freshly canned jam, tells a story of tradition and skill passed down through generations.

For those interested in a deeper understanding of Amish culture, the Mennonite Information Center provides valuable resources and educational programs. Here, visitors can engage in discussions, watch informative films, and partake in guided tours that delve into the similarities and differences between the Amish and Mennonite communities. This center serves as an important bridge between the Amish community and the outside world, fostering understanding and respect for their way of life.

The Amish experience in Lancaster County is also about enjoying traditional Amish food. Restaurants like the Shady Maple Smorgasbord offer a taste of authentic Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine, serving dishes made from recipes that have been handed down through Amish and Mennonite families for generations. Dining in these establishments is not just about savoring delicious food; it’s about experiencing a part of the culture that is deeply rooted in family and community.

Throughout the year, Lancaster County hosts various events and tours that celebrate Amish culture. From quilt auctions and mud sales to guided cultural tours and educational workshops, these events provide an immersive experience into the Amish way of life. They are occasions for both learning and celebration, where the rich heritage of the Amish is shared with visitors in an atmosphere of warmth and hospitality.

ZooAmerica & Hershey Gardens: Encounter native animals and explore beautiful gardens​​.

In the heart of Pennsylvania, amidst the sweet allure of Hershey, lie two remarkable attractions that provide a blend of natural beauty and wildlife education: ZooAmerica and Hershey Gardens. These two destinations, each unique in their offerings, collectively present an enriching experience for visitors of all ages.

ZooAmerica, a North American wildlife park, spans 11 acres and is home to more than 200 animals from five regions of North America. The journey through ZooAmerica is an educational odyssey into the world of North American wildlife. Visitors are treated to the sights of majestic animals like the American bison, elusive mountain lions, playful otters, and stately bald eagles. Each animal exhibit not only showcases these creatures in their naturalistic habitats but also provides insightful information about their lives, habits, and the conservation efforts being made to protect them.

Hershey Gardens
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The zoo’s commitment to education and conservation is evident in every aspect of its operation. Educational programs, interactive exhibits, and conservation talks are regular features, providing visitors with a deeper understanding of wildlife and the importance of preserving natural habitats. One of the most engaging experiences at ZooAmerica is the opportunity to observe animal feedings and listen to keeper talks, which offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the care and management of the animals.

Just a short distance from ZooAmerica is Hershey Gardens, a stunning 23-acre botanical garden that offers a serene escape into the world of horticulture. The gardens feature a breathtaking assortment of flowers, shrubs, and trees, meticulously arranged in various thematic areas. The Seasonal Display Garden, with its ever-changing array of blooms, reflects the beauty of each season, while the Historic Hershey Rose Garden, boasting over 3,000 roses, is a fragrant testament to the garden’s origins in 1937.

Hershey Gardens
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Hershey Gardens is also home to the Butterfly Atrium, a truly magical space where visitors can walk among hundreds of exotic butterflies from around the world. This indoor tropical environment is filled with a colorful array of butterflies fluttering among lush foliage and bright flowers, offering an up-close encounter with these delicate creatures. The atrium not only delights visitors but also serves as an educational space where the life cycle of butterflies and the importance of pollinators in our ecosystem are highlighted.

For families with children, Hershey Gardens offers the Children’s Garden, a playful and interactive area designed to engage young minds with the wonders of nature. This garden features whimsical themes, hands-on activities, and educational displays, making it a delightful experience for the youngest of visitors.

Gretna Lake & Beach: Enjoy a day of beach fun, ice-cream, and outdoor theater​​.

Gretna Lake & Beach, nestled in the idyllic setting of Mt. Gretna in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, offers a delightful escape into a world of beach fun, sweet treats, and cultural experiences. This charming destination, known for its eight-acre lake and sandy beach, has been a favorite summer spot for families and outdoor enthusiasts for generations. A day at Gretna Lake & Beach is not just about cooling off in the water; it's a comprehensive experience that combines leisure, entertainment, and the joys of summer in one scenic location.

The heart of the attraction is, undoubtedly, the lake itself. Surrounded by lush greenery and equipped with a well-maintained beach, the lake provides a perfect setting for swimming, sunbathing, and relaxing. The clear, calm waters of the lake are ideal for families with children, offering a safe and enjoyable swimming experience. For those seeking a bit more activity, the lake also offers opportunities for paddle boating and kayaking, allowing visitors to explore the tranquil waters at their own pace.

Adjacent to the beach area, the recreation lawn serves as a hub of activity. Here, families can engage in various games and activities, from volleyball to horseshoes, creating a lively and fun atmosphere. The picnic grove, with its shaded tables and serene environment, is perfect for those looking to enjoy a meal outdoors. Visitors can bring their own picnic or indulge in the delicious offerings at the Jigger Shop, a local ice cream parlor known for its delectable treats and charming ambiance.

The Jigger Shop, a staple at Mt. Gretna for over a century, is more than just an ice cream parlor; it's a part of the area's history and culture. Offering a wide range of ice cream flavors, sundaes, and other sweet delights, the Jigger Shop is a must-visit for anyone coming to Gretna Lake & Beach. The experience of enjoying a cold, creamy treat on a warm summer day, surrounded by the natural beauty of Mt. Gretna, is a quintessential part of the visit.

But the appeal of Gretna Lake & Beach extends beyond the beach and ice cream. The area is also known for its rich cultural offerings, particularly the Mt. Gretna Playhouse. This historic open-air theater hosts a variety of performances throughout the summer, ranging from musicals and plays to concerts and ballets. The playhouse, with its intimate setting and engaging productions, provides a unique entertainment experience, combining the arts with the beauty of the outdoors.

Gretna Lake & Beach
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The community of Mt. Gretna itself adds to the charm of a visit to Gretna Lake & Beach. This quaint, picturesque town, with its artsy vibe and welcoming community, offers a glimpse into a simpler, more relaxed way of life. Visitors can explore the town's art galleries, attend craft fairs, or simply stroll along its tree-lined streets, enjoying the unique architecture of the cottages and the overall peaceful atmosphere.

For nature lovers and hikers, the area around Gretna Lake & Beach offers numerous trails and natural attractions. The nearby Governor Dick Park, with its miles of hiking and mountain biking trails, provides a perfect opportunity for adventure and exploration. The observation tower at the park offers panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, making it a worthwhile trek for those looking to connect with nature.

Throughout the summer, Gretna Lake & Beach hosts various events and activities that cater to a diverse range of interests. From family-friendly beach parties and BBQs to outdoor yoga sessions and nature walks, there is always something happening that enhances the lake and beach experience. These events not only provide entertainment but also foster a sense of community, bringing together visitors and locals alike in celebration of summer and the outdoors.

Strasburg Scooters Tours: Adventure through Amish Country on scooters​​.

Strasburg Scooters Tours, located in the heart of Pennsylvania's Amish Country, offers an exhilarating way to explore the scenic landscapes and cultural heritage of Lancaster County. This unique touring experience allows visitors to embark on an adventurous journey through the rolling farmlands and quaint backroads of the region, all while riding on scooters or scoot coupes. It's a blend of exploration, adventure, and cultural immersion that provides a fresh perspective on one of America's most cherished rural landscapes.

As participants gear up and hop onto their scooters, they're not just preparing for a ride; they're gearing up for an adventure that's both thrilling and enlightening. Strasburg Scooters Tours offers a variety of tours, each designed to showcase different aspects of Amish Country. From the standard covered bridge tour, which meanders through the countryside and visits several historic covered bridges, to the more comprehensive Amish Country tour, which delves deeper into the rural landscapes and traditions of the Amish, there's a journey for every interest.

Strasburg Scooters Tours
Source; Discover Lancaster

One of the most captivating aspects of these tours is the sense of immersion they offer. As the scooters glide through the countryside, participants are treated to panoramic views of sprawling farms, rustic barns, and the simple, yet beautiful, homesteads of the Amish community. The tours often include stops at local Amish businesses, where visitors can witness firsthand the craftsmanship and dedication that go into Amish-made goods. From furniture workshops to quilt shops, these visits not only support the local community but also provide a deeper understanding of the Amish way of life.

The guides of Strasburg Scooters Tours are knowledgeable and friendly, offering insights and stories about the region's history, the Amish culture, and the significance of the landmarks along the way. They ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, catering to all levels of riders, from beginners to more experienced scooter enthusiasts. The pace of the tours is leisurely and relaxed, allowing ample time to soak in the sights, sounds, and smells of the countryside.

One of the unique features of Strasburg Scooters Tours is the use of scoot coupes, which are two-seated, three-wheeled vehicles. These provide an option for those who prefer a more stable ride or wish to share the experience with a partner. The scoot coupes add an element of fun and novelty to the tours, making them accessible and enjoyable for a wide range of participants.

Strasburg Scooters
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The experience of riding through Amish Country on a scooter offers a sense of freedom and connection to the landscape that is hard to replicate in a car or bus. The open air, the gentle breeze, and the unobstructed views create an intimate connection with the environment. It's an immersive way to experience the tranquility and beauty of the countryside, offering a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of urban life.

In addition to the scenic beauty and cultural insights, the tours often include visits to local eateries or markets, where participants can sample regional delicacies. These stops are not just about tasting the local cuisine; they're about experiencing the community's hospitality and the rich culinary traditions of the area.

KayakLanCo: Family-friendly kayaking and hiking in Lancaster's parks​​.

In the picturesque setting of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, kayakLanCo emerges as a premier destination for families and nature enthusiasts seeking an adventure in the great outdoors. Specializing in kayaking and hiking experiences, kayakLanCo offers a unique opportunity to explore the natural beauty of Lancaster’s parks and waterways. This family-friendly adventure is not just about physical activity; it's a journey through some of the most scenic landscapes in the region, providing an intimate encounter with nature and a chance to create lasting family memories.

Source: KayakLanCo

KayakLanCo’s kayaking adventures take place on the tranquil waters of the Susquehanna River and its tributaries, which meander through the lush countryside of Lancaster County. These guided tours are designed for all skill levels, from beginners to experienced paddlers, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. The calm waters are ideal for families, allowing even young children to participate in the kayaking adventure under the guidance and watchful eyes of experienced instructors.

As participants paddle along the river, they are treated to stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The riverbanks are lined with an array of flora and fauna, providing an opportunity to witness the region’s diverse wildlife in its natural habitat. The gentle rhythm of paddling and the peaceful ambiance of the river create a serene experience, offering a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s an opportunity to connect with nature, relax, and enjoy the simple pleasures of outdoor activities.

Refreshing Mountain Retreat & Adventure Center: Zip-line through canopies and enjoy outdoor activities​​.

Refreshing Mountain Retreat & Adventure Center, nestled in the picturesque setting of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, offers an exhilarating blend of adventure and relaxation for visitors seeking an escape into nature. This family-friendly destination is renowned for its thrilling zip-line courses and array of outdoor activities, set amidst the tranquil beauty of the Pennsylvania woodlands. A visit to Refreshing Mountain is not just a day of adventure; it's an opportunity to connect with nature, engage in physical activities, and create lasting memories with family and friends.

Refreshing Mountain
Source: Refreshing Mountain

The crown jewel of Refreshing Mountain Retreat & Adventure Center is its zip-line courses. These courses offer a range of experiences suitable for all ages and thrill levels, from beginners to adrenaline junkies. The zip-lines allow participants to soar through the canopies, offering a bird's eye view of the lush forests and scenic landscapes below. The exhilaration of gliding through the treetops, coupled with the stunning natural backdrop, makes for an unforgettable experience.

Refreshing Mountain offers several zip-line options, each with its unique features and challenges. The Flying V Ziplines, ideal for those new to zip-lining, include two zip-lines that provide a taste of the adventure in a more controlled and less intimidating environment. For those seeking a more comprehensive experience, the Challenge Adventure Tour combines zip-lining with other high-adventure elements like rope bridges and aerial obstacles. The most extensive option, the Aerial Excursion Tour, features seven zip-lines, including a 40-foot rappel at the end, offering the ultimate zip-lining adventure.

Beyond zip-lining, Refreshing Mountain Retreat & Adventure Center boasts a range of outdoor activities designed to engage visitors of all ages. The outdoor adventure course challenges participants with elements like a climbing wall, high ropes, and other team-building obstacles. These activities are not only fun but also foster teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills, making them ideal for families, groups, and corporate teams.

Refreshing Mountain
Source: Refreshing Mountain

For those looking to connect with nature in a more relaxed setting, Refreshing Mountain offers guided nature walks and wildlife experiences. These guided tours provide an opportunity to explore the diverse flora and fauna of Lancaster County, with knowledgeable guides sharing insights about the local ecosystem. The wildlife center at Refreshing Mountain allows visitors to encounter a variety of animals, including birds of prey, reptiles, and amphibians, in a safe and educational environment.

The retreat also caters to equestrian enthusiasts with its horseback riding trails. These guided rides take visitors through the serene trails of the retreat, offering a peaceful way to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. The horseback riding experience is suitable for riders of all skill levels, providing a relaxing and enjoyable way to explore the countryside.

AvalancheXpress Snow Tubing: Winter fun with snow tubing and ice skating​​.

AvalancheXpress Snow Tubing, located at Heritage Hills Resort in York, Pennsylvania, emerges as a winter wonderland that brings exhilarating snowy adventures to life. This destination, known for its thrilling snow tubing hills and charming ice-skating rink, provides an ideal setting for families and friends to indulge in the joys of winter. A visit to AvalancheXpress is more than just a day in the snow; it's an experience filled with laughter, excitement, and the magic of a winter landscape.

Source: Frugal Lancaster

The primary attraction at AvalancheXpress is its snow tubing hills. With multiple lanes and varying degrees of slope, the hills cater to thrill-seekers of all ages and experience levels. The facility employs state-of-the-art snowmaking and grooming equipment, ensuring that the tubing lanes are always ready for action, regardless of the natural snowfall. The exhilaration of sliding down the snowy slopes on a tube, with the wind rushing past and the snow sparkling under the winter sun, makes for an unforgettable experience.

AvalancheXpress stands out for its user-friendly approach to snow tubing. The facility includes a lift system that effortlessly transports tubers back to the top of the hill, allowing for more runs and less time spent climbing. This feature is particularly appealing for families with children, ensuring that the fun continues without the exhaustion of walking up the hill after each run.

Source: Frugal Lancaster

In addition to snow tubing, AvalancheXpress offers a picturesque ice-skating rink. The rink, set against the backdrop of the beautiful Heritage Hills Resort, provides a classic winter skating experience. Whether gliding gracefully across the ice or taking cautious steps while finding one's balance, ice skating at AvalancheXpress is a delightful activity for all skill levels. The rink's atmosphere is enhanced in the evenings with twinkling lights and music, creating a festive and enchanting environment.

The experience at AvalancheXpress is complemented by a range of amenities designed to make the visit comfortable and enjoyable. The facility includes a cozy lodge where guests can warm up, grab a hot beverage, or enjoy a meal. The lodge's large windows offer a panoramic view of the snow tubing hills and ice rink, allowing guests to relax and watch the outdoor activities from the warmth and comfort of the indoors.

Lancaster Barnstormers: Enjoy a night of family-friendly baseball​​.

The Lancaster Barnstormers, a proud member of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball, offer an exciting and family-friendly experience in the heart of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Located at Clipper Magazine Stadium, the Barnstormers provide not just a baseball game, but a complete entertainment experience that embodies the spirit of America's favorite pastime. Attending a Barnstormers game is more than just watching baseball; it's about enjoying a night of community, fun, and family activities in a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.

Clipper Magazine Stadium
Source: Discover Lancaster

Clipper Magazine Stadium, the home of the Lancaster Barnstormers, is a gem in the community. The stadium's design offers excellent views of the field from every seat, ensuring that all spectators feel close to the action. The atmosphere at the stadium is electric, with the roar of the crowd and the crack of the bat creating a palpable sense of excitement. Fans of all ages, from young children to seasoned baseball enthusiasts, come together to cheer on the Barnstormers, creating a sense of unity and community spirit.

The Barnstormers are known for their engaging and entertaining baseball games. The team, composed of talented players, many of whom have Major League experience, brings a high level of play to the field. The games are fast-paced and filled with the kind of thrilling moments that only live baseball can offer. From dramatic home runs to tense pitching duels, each game is a showcase of skill and sportsmanship.

But the Barnstormers' games offer much more than just baseball. The team and stadium staff go above and beyond to ensure a family-friendly and entertaining experience for all attendees. Between innings, fans are treated to a variety of fun activities and promotions. These might include mascot races, fan contests, and interactive games that keep the energy high and the audience engaged throughout the event.

Lancaster Barnstormers
Source: Lancaster Barnstormers

For younger fans, the Barnstormers offer numerous kid-friendly attractions within Clipper Magazine Stadium. The playground and kid zones provide a space for children to play and burn off energy, making the game enjoyable for the entire family. The team's mascot, Cylo, is a beloved figure, entertaining children and posing for photos, making every game a memorable experience for the youngest fans.

The Barnstormers also host themed nights and special events throughout the season, adding an extra layer of excitement to the games. These events range from fireworks nights, where the sky above the stadium lights up with dazzling displays, to special promotional giveaways and community celebrations. Each event is thoughtfully designed to enhance the fan experience and provide added value to a night at the ballpark.

Dining at Clipper Magazine Stadium is an experience in itself, with a wide variety of food options available. From classic ballpark fare like hot dogs and nachos to more unique offerings, there is something to satisfy every appetite. The quality of the food, combined with the friendly service, makes dining at the stadium a pleasure.

Corn Cob Acres: Seasonal farm fun with over 50 activities​​.

Corn Cob Acres, located in Mountville, Pennsylvania, is a seasonal destination that offers a delightful blend of farm-themed fun and family-friendly activities. Situated in the picturesque countryside of Lancaster County, this unique attraction transforms with the seasons, offering various themed events and activities that cater to children and families. Visiting Corn Cob Acres is not just a day on the farm; it’s an immersive experience in rural entertainment and seasonal festivities.

Corn Cob Acres
Source: Corn Cob Acres

The heart of Corn Cob Acres is its sprawling farm, which serves as the backdrop for a variety of interactive and engaging activities. With over 40 attractions spread across the farm, visitors of all ages can enjoy a day filled with fun and exploration. The farm is divided into themed areas, each offering a distinct set of activities that celebrate the spirit of the countryside.

During the fall, Corn Cob Acres comes alive with its highly anticipated Fall Festival. This seasonal event is a celebration of the harvest season and includes a plethora of activities that embody the essence of autumn. One of the main attractions is the pumpkin patch, where families can pick their own pumpkins from a field filled with a variety of shapes and sizes. The experience of searching for the perfect pumpkin and taking it home for carving or decoration is a cherished tradition for many visitors.

The Fall Festival also features a corn maze, an iconic farm attraction that offers both fun and challenge. Navigating through the twists and turns of the maze, families work together to find their way out, making it an excellent activity for teamwork and bonding. For younger children, there are mini mazes and hay bale mazes that provide a simpler, yet equally enjoyable, maze experience.

Hayrides are another staple of the Corn Cob Acres Fall Festival. These leisurely rides take visitors around the farm, offering scenic views of the countryside and a chance to relax and enjoy the crisp autumn air. The hayrides often include educational components, with guides sharing information about farming and the local ecosystem, making them both enjoyable and informative.

Corn Cob Acres
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In addition to the seasonal attractions, Corn Cob Acres boasts a variety of permanent activities that are popular among visitors. The farm animal petting zoo is a hit with children, offering an opportunity to interact with goats, sheep, chickens, and other farm animals. Educational signs provide information about each animal, adding an educational aspect to the fun.

The farm’s play areas are designed with imagination and creativity in mind. These areas include giant slides, obstacle courses, pedal carts, and interactive play stations that encourage physical activity and play. The play areas are thoughtfully designed to be safe and engaging, ensuring that children of all ages can participate and have fun.

Lititz Bikeworks’ Bike Share: Cycle through scenic trails and explore local towns​​.

Lititz Bikeworks’ Bike Share program, located in the charming town of Lititz, Pennsylvania, offers an enchanting way to explore the scenic trails and picturesque landscapes of Lancaster County. This innovative bike-sharing initiative allows locals and tourists alike to immerse themselves in the natural beauty and historic richness of the area, all while enjoying a leisurely bike ride. It's more than just a cycling experience; it's an opportunity to connect with the environment, discover hidden gems, and embrace the tranquility of the countryside.

Lititz Bikeworks’ Bike Share
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Lititz, known for its quaint streets, unique shops, and historical sites, serves as the perfect starting point for this cycling adventure. The town, often referred to as one of America’s coolest small towns, exudes a sense of charm and warmth that is immediately felt by visitors. Lititz Bikeworks’ Bike Share program makes it easy and convenient to start exploring this delightful community. With well-maintained bicycles available for rent, including options for all ages and skill levels, the program caters to everyone from casual riders to avid cyclists.

The bike share program is designed to be user-friendly and accessible. Riders can pick up a bike at Lititz Bikeworks and embark on their journey through the town and beyond. The bikes come equipped with all necessary accessories, including helmets and maps, ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride. The staff at Lititz Bikeworks are knowledgeable and passionate about cycling and are always ready to offer tips, suggest routes, and share insights about the area.

One of the highlights of using the bike share program is the opportunity to explore the Warwick to Ephrata Rail Trail. This scenic trail, stretching for several miles, offers a peaceful and picturesque ride through Lancaster County’s countryside. The trail is well-maintained and suitable for all levels of cyclists, providing a safe and comfortable route away from traffic. Along the way, riders can enjoy views of farmlands, creeks, and natural landscapes, making it a perfect way to experience the beauty of the region.

Lititz Bikeworks’ Bike Share
Source: Lancaster PA

The bike trail also offers a unique way to explore the local towns and communities. Riders can stop at various points along the way to visit small towns, each with its own character and attractions. These towns offer a range of dining options, from cozy cafes to local eateries, where cyclists can take a break and enjoy some delicious local fare. Additionally, there are numerous points of interest along the route, including historical landmarks, local art galleries, and charming boutiques, providing an enriching cultural experience.

For families, the bike share program is an excellent way to spend quality time together while being active. Cycling is an activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, and the trails around Lititz offer a safe and enjoyable environment for family outings. The experience of riding through the countryside, with the fresh air and natural surroundings, is not only healthy but also provides a wonderful setting for creating lasting family memories.

Lititz Bikeworks’ Bike Share program is not just about providing bikes; it's about promoting a healthy and environmentally friendly way to explore the area. Cycling is a sustainable mode of transportation that allows visitors to reduce their carbon footprint while experiencing the region in a more intimate and engaging way. The program encourages people to step out of their cars and experience the landscape at a slower pace, deepening their connection to the environment.

Dutch Wonderland: A 48-acre kingdom of fun with rides and water play areas​​.

Dutch Wonderland, located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is a 48-acre theme park that has been delighting families and children for decades. Known as a "Kingdom for Kids," this enchanting park combines a variety of rides, shows, and attractions designed specifically for families with young children. Dutch Wonderland is more than just a theme park; it's a place where magical memories are made, where laughter fills the air, and where children's imaginations come to life.

Dutch Wonderland
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Upon entering Dutch Wonderland, visitors are greeted by a storybook-like setting, with colorful decorations, whimsical characters, and an atmosphere of joy and excitement. The park's layout is designed to be easily navigable for families with small children, making it a stress-free experience for parents and a safe environment for kids to explore and have fun.

One of the highlights of Dutch Wonderland is its wide array of rides that cater to all ages and thrill levels. The park features classic family rides such as the Wonderland Special train, which takes guests on a scenic tour of the park, and the Kite Flight, which gives a gentle, soaring experience. For the little adventurers, there are numerous kiddie rides, including Duke’s Dozers and Panda Party, that are perfect for the youngest visitors.

Dutch Wonderland is also home to more exhilarating rides that provide a dose of excitement for older children and adults. The Kingdom Coaster, a wooden roller coaster, offers thrilling dips and turns, while the Merlin’s Mayhem, an inverted family coaster, takes riders on a high-flying adventure. These rides, while thrilling, are still family-friendly and provide just the right level of excitement for young thrill-seekers.

Dutch Wonderland
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In addition to the rides, Dutch Wonderland offers a variety of interactive shows and entertainment options. The park's live entertainment includes high-energy musical shows, character meet-and-greets, and interactive performances that engage and delight children of all ages. These shows often carry positive messages and themes, adding an educational element to the fun.

During the warmer months, Dutch Wonderland becomes a water wonderland with its Duke’s Lagoon water play area. This expansive water playground features a multi-level water play structure, water slides, and a variety of interactive water features. Duke’s Lagoon is designed to provide a refreshing escape from the heat and a safe water environment for children to splash and play.

Lancaster Archery Supply & Academy: A unique family bonding experience through archery​​.

Lancaster Archery Supply & Academy, located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, stands as a premier destination for families seeking a unique bonding experience through the art of archery. As one of the largest and most comprehensive archery facilities in the world, it offers an opportunity to engage in an activity that combines physical skill, mental focus, and fun. The facility provides a welcoming environment for both seasoned archers and those new to the sport, making it an ideal place for families to learn, practice, and enjoy archery together.

Lancaster Archery Supply & Academy
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Upon entering Lancaster Archery Supply & Academy, visitors are greeted by a knowledgeable and passionate staff who are dedicated to promoting the sport of archery. The facility boasts a state-of-the-art indoor archery range, where families can practice shooting in a safe and controlled environment. The range is equipped with modern targets and shooting lanes that accommodate archers of all skill levels, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone.

One of the key features of Lancaster Archery Supply & Academy is its comprehensive range of instructional programs. These programs are designed to teach the fundamentals of archery in a supportive and engaging manner. From beginner classes that cover the basics of archery form and safety to more advanced coaching for those looking to refine their skills, the academy offers instruction for all ages and abilities. The classes are conducted by experienced and certified instructors who tailor their teaching to the needs of each student, ensuring a personalized and effective learning experience.

Lancaster Archery Supply & Academy
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For families, the academy offers special group sessions and family classes that focus on creating a fun and collaborative environment. These sessions are not just about learning how to shoot an arrow; they are about building trust, communication, and teamwork. Archery is a sport that requires patience, concentration, and precision, making it an excellent activity for families to develop these skills together while enjoying a shared experience.

In addition to the instructional programs, Lancaster Archery Supply & Academy features an extensive pro shop that caters to all archery needs. The shop offers a wide selection of bows, arrows, and archery accessories from top brands, making it a one-stop-shop for beginners and experienced archers alike. The knowledgeable staff at the pro shop provide expert advice on equipment selection, ensuring that customers find the right gear for their skill level and interests.

Lancaster Virtual Reality Lounge: Step into virtual worlds with 300 games​​.

Lancaster Virtual Reality Lounge, situated in the heart of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, offers a cutting-edge entertainment experience where visitors can immerse themselves in a variety of virtual worlds. This state-of-the-art facility, boasting a collection of over 300 virtual reality games and experiences, provides an unparalleled opportunity for individuals and families to explore the limitless possibilities of virtual reality. It's more than just a gaming center; it's a portal to new dimensions where imagination and technology converge to create unforgettable experiences.

Upon entering the Lancaster Virtual Reality Lounge, guests are welcomed into a futuristic space designed to transport them into different realms. The lounge is equipped with the latest in VR technology, including high-end headsets, motion tracking systems, and interactive controllers, all of which work together to create a fully immersive experience. The spacious gaming areas allow players to move around freely, enhancing the sense of being in another world.

Lancaster Virtual Reality Lounge
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One of the most striking aspects of the Lancaster Virtual Reality Lounge is its extensive library of VR games and experiences. Catering to all ages and interests, the collection includes everything from action-packed adventures and fantasy quests to educational experiences and creative simulations. Guests can choose to embark on epic journeys in mythical lands, face off against zombies or aliens, explore the depths of the ocean, or even step into a painting and become part of the artwork.

For families and groups, the lounge offers a unique bonding experience. Multiplayer games and experiences allow guests to interact with each other in virtual spaces, working together to complete missions, compete in challenges, or simply explore new worlds. These shared experiences in VR are not only entertaining but also foster communication, teamwork, and a sense of camaraderie among participants.

Old Windmill Farm: Experience authentic Amish dairy farm life​​.

Old Windmill Farm, located in Ronks, Pennsylvania, in the heart of Lancaster County, offers a genuine and immersive experience into the daily life of an Amish dairy farm. This family-operated farm provides visitors with a unique opportunity to step back in time and engage in the simple, yet profound joys of farm life. It's more than just a visit to a farm; it's an educational journey into a lifestyle that is deeply rooted in tradition, hard work, and a close connection to the land.

Old Windmill Farm
Source: Old Windmill Farm

Upon arrival at Old Windmill Farm, visitors are immediately transported into the world of Amish farming. The farm, with its lush fields, traditional barns, and the iconic old windmill, presents a picturesque scene of rural life. Guests are greeted by the farm's owners, who are dedicated to providing an authentic and informative experience, sharing their knowledge about Amish culture and agricultural practices.

One of the main attractions of Old Windmill Farm is the opportunity to participate in hands-on activities that are a part of daily farm operations. Visitors can experience milking a cow, feeding farm animals, and collecting eggs from the chicken coop. These interactive experiences are not only enjoyable but also educational, offering insights into the sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle of the Amish community.

The farm tour also includes a visit to the vegetable garden and greenhouse, where guests can learn about organic farming methods and the importance of growing and harvesting one's own food. The Amish are known for their expertise in organic and sustainable agriculture, and Old Windmill Farm exemplifies this commitment to natural farming practices.

Children visiting the farm are especially delighted by the petting zoo area, where they can interact with a variety of farm animals, including goats, sheep, and horses. This interaction with animals is both fun and educational, teaching children about the care and role of different farm animals in a gentle and engaging way.

Old Windmill Farm
Source: Old Windmill Farm

Old Windmill Farm also offers a unique insight into Amish craftsmanship and ingenuity. The farm features a variety of traditional Amish-built structures and tools, showcasing the skill and resourcefulness of the Amish community. Visitors can observe and learn about the construction techniques and the use of non-electric machinery, which reflect the Amish values of simplicity and self-reliance.

Beyond the farm activities, the tour includes a visit to the farm's kitchen, where guests can sample homemade Amish treats and learn about traditional cooking methods. The Amish are renowned for their delicious, home-cooked meals, and this part of the tour offers a taste of authentic Amish cuisine.


In conclusion, the exploration of "Kid-Friendly Outdoor Attractions in Lancaster, PA" reveals a diverse and exciting array of activities that cater to families and children of all ages. From the adventure-packed Cherry Crest Adventure Farm and the tranquil beauty of Eastland Alpacas, to the intriguing underground world of Indian Echo Caverns and the natural haven of Wolf Sanctuary of PA, Lancaster County offers a wealth of experiences. Each attraction, whether it's the educational Amish Attractions, the thrilling ZooAmerica & Hershey Gardens, the serene Gretna Lake & Beach, the adventurous Strasburg Scooters Tours, the engaging kayakLanCo, the exhilarating Refreshing Mountain Retreat & Adventure Center, the winter wonderland of AvalancheXpress Snow Tubing, the iconic Lancaster Barnstormers baseball games, the festive Corn Cob Acres, the immersive Lititz Bikeworks’ Bike Share, the magical Dutch Wonderland, the educational Lancaster Archery Supply & Academy, the futuristic Lancaster Virtual Reality Lounge, or the authentic Old Windmill Farm, offers a unique way to create lasting memories. Lancaster, PA, with its rich history, scenic beauty, and friendly community, is a destination that beautifully blends educational experiences with fun, making it an ideal location for family outings and adventures.

Lancaster, PA
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Each destination encapsulates different aspects of Lancaster's rich culture, history, and natural beauty. Together, they contribute to the region's appeal as a vibrant and diverse area, perfect for families, individuals, and groups seeking both recreation and relaxation. Visitors to Lancaster County are sure to leave with cherished memories, having experienced the unique blend of tradition, adventure, and community spirit that this region proudly offers.