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Spend Less with Switches

People use connecting flights to reach their destinations cheaper – likewise, travelers take advantage of Karta Switches connecting 2 homes into 1 booking to save on accommodation during their stay.
How travelers benefit from Switches?
You’re planning on traveling for two weeks and finally find your dream home. However, it is not available for two weeks, but only for 8 days. Karta Switch allows you to seamlessly combine an 8-day stay in your dream home with a 6-day stay in another similar quality home nearby. Both accommodations will be chosen to fit your precise needs and wishes, all booked seamlessly in one transaction – easy peasy.
Lower Price
Homes or apartments often have different prices depending on occupancy and sometimes even days of the week. Karta Switches automatically hunts for the best deals seeking highest quality at the lowest prices, for dates within your desired range. Then it combines two such great deals offering a better value than just one accommodation for the entire duration.
Switches - few steps:
Make sure the Switch option is ON
Browse listings featuring 2 accommodations and “Switch” label
Or select Switches from the map
When switching between homes, follow Karta’s route on the map
Switch to better prices with Karta
Switches for hosts
Listing your property on Karta increases your occupancy rate by filling orphan days with bookings from Karta Switches. Karta combines your unbooked dates with other listings nearby to present travelers with an optimal travel itinerary which otherwise couldn’t be covered with your listing alone.
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