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20 Best Waterfalls in Indiana, Including Hiking Trails in Indiana with Waterfalls

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Indiana is home to many mountains and beautiful waterfalls. Would you like to go on budget travel to discover some of the most amazing waterfalls in Indiana? Then check out our top 20 picks.

Anderson Falls

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This is one of the most popular parks in Indiana, known for its waterfall. The land in this park spans about 40 acres and is one of the most suitable places for hiking in Indiana.

Two trails lead to the fall, one with a distance of 1.75 miles and the other 2.25 miles. The fall is beautiful and the environment scenic, with sounds of chirping animals in the background. Anderson falls is a quiet and calm place to relax on a hot summer day.

Clifty Falls

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Clifty falls state park is one of the many parks in Indiana with waterfalls. The state park is ‌along the Ohio River and has four waterfalls.

Clifty falls is a perfect place to hike and admire nature, especially after a rainfall. Its environment is well-kept and beautiful, and it provides a simple playground for children to relax. There are restaurants in the park. Also, you could hold a small picnic with friends to make it more memorable. Since it is a state park, admission charges apply.

Big Clifty Falls

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This is one of the waterfalls in Indiana found in the Clifty falls state park. It is 60 feet tall, and its water descends on a stair-like rock formation.

Several hiking trails lead to the waterfall. While some are easy, taking only about 30 minutes, others are rugged and might last up to 2 hours! Each course is fun, depending on the hiking experience and age group. The volume of water varies with the amount of rainfall, so to get the most of this waterfall, it is better to visit during spring.

Little Clifty Falls

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This is the second waterfall found in the Clifty state park. Contrary to its name, this waterfall is not little. It stands at 60 feet, which means it is just as tall as Big Clifty Falls. However, instead of descending in a stair-like formation, this waterfall plunges straight down a hillside.

Its hiking trail, which also leads to the Big Clifty Falls, is generally considered an easy route, taking only about 38 minutes to be completed. This is great for children and an excellent substitute for a morning workout.

Calli Nature Preserve - Rock Rest falls

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This gem is found just outside of North Vernon. It is one of the best waterfalls in Indiana, donated by Dr. Jim Calli to Jennings county.

The famous Rock Rest Falls are found in this nature preserve. Its environment is clean and well preserved, with beautiful scenery. It is ‌in a shady forest, so expect beautiful blooming flowers that add color to the environment and harmless animals such as several species of birds and sea turtles!

Rock Rest Falls

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This waterfall is found in the Calli nature preserve. It is a waterfall in Indiana with an unknown origin. This fall plunges over a hill into a natural pool caved in by rocks.

Although Rock Rest falls is relatively small, It has a beautiful and serene environment with a fantastic rock formation. It is easily accessible and better visited during the rainy season when its waters run strong.

The trek down its hill might be steep during this season. However, you can have a good view of the waterfall from the top of the hill.

Cataract Falls

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As its name suggests, cataract falls is the largest waterfall in Indiana. It is divided into two: an upper fall and a lower fall. These falls are above 15 feet, and their water falls straight into a lake below.

Picnic spots are available, so you could pack a quick lunch to enjoy while watching the beauty of nature. There are also playgrounds for children. In addition, the short trails leading to the fall are suitable for children and senior people who need a little exercise.

The admission fee costs $7 per resident and $9 for visitors from out of state.

Cascades Park Trail

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Cascades park trail is a linear path that spans 2.7 miles. It is one of the most popular hiking trails in Indiana with waterfalls. This trail is an easy route, taking about 19 minutes on average, and then leads to a small waterfall.

There are picnic houses and a massive playground for kids. Dogs are also allowed as long as they are on a leash. This is a trendy park, so we suggest going on weekdays when fewer people will be around.

Deadman Falls

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Deadman falls is one of the waterfalls ‌in the George Hanover college campus and is one of the biggest waterfalls in Indiana in terms of amount of water it contains It has an exciting trail that leads to two waterfalls. Deadman falls on the left, and Horseshoe Falls on the right.

This waterfall is one of the few in Indiana that flows throughout the year. The Deadman creek feeds it and it falls from 30 feet. However, its water falls into an underground rock formation, and visitors must be careful around this area.

France Park Waterfalls

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Contrary to its name, this waterfall is not one of the exotic beaches in Nice, France. Instead, it is ‌in no other place but France park, one of Indiana state parks with waterfalls. Hiking or biking up the trail that leads to the waterfall while watching the rich green forest around it is fun.

There are a bunch of fishing areas, and the lake that supplies the waterfall also offers diving on weekends. However, the peak time travel of this location is during the holidays. This is because the water park is quite popular and gets quickly crowded during this period.

Hathaway Preserve at Ross Run

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Hathaway preserve is one of the best places to explore the natural landscape in Indiana. It is home to several uniquely shaped cliffs, fossils, and beautiful tall trees with lovely flowers. Its short walking trail leads to a small but beautiful waterfall.

Apart from the noise of insects and chirping birds such as sparrows and hummingbirds, this place is quiet and hardly crowded. Visitors can walk under its shady trees admiring nature and just taking a breath of fresh air.

Hemlock Cliffs - Hoosier National Forest

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This beauty is found in southern Indiana. It is a national preserved forest, so you would see beautiful trees, rare plants, and a well-kept environment here. The forest houses several rock formations such as cliffs, overhangs, and caves. Visitors can check out these rock formations, but certain areas prohibit some activities such as camping and fires.

A Raven is the most common bird species you would encounter while walking through the forest. A short distance along its most popular trails leads to the hemlock cliff waterfall.

Hemlock Cliffs Waterfalls

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This waterfall sits in the Hoosier national forest, surrounded by lush green trees and unique rock formations. The waterfall is just 15 inches high, but the amount of water after a heavy downpour is impressive. This means that the best time to visit this cliff is during Summer, especially after a rainfall.

The trail leading to this waterfall is short and might get muddy and slippery after rainfall, so visitors need strong hiking boots. Visitors can also swim in its waters and wrap up their day in one of the restaurants around the forest.

Hoffman and Tunnel Fall

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These two falls are the third and fourth waterfalls in Clifty falls, one of Indiana state parks with waterfalls. Its trail is scenic, with many wildflowers along it. This trail measures about 3.4 miles and is generally considered challenging.

The waterfalls are incredible and are more active during Spring. Tunnel fall is the highest in the park. It stands at 83 feet, while Hoffman falls stands at 78 feet. Hike on trail 5 to admire Bough's cave before walking below to admire these waterfalls.

Kokiwanee Falls

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Kokiwanee falls is one of the popular destinations for hiking in Indiana with waterfalls and the reason is not far-fetched. This waterfall is found in a preserved area with diverse trees and birds, ranging from bald eagles to great blue herons.

Hikers come here not just to walk around but also to experience one of the most beautiful forests in Indiana. Although its trail is a loop trail, meaning you will end your journey where you started it, this is one of the most beautiful things about this fall. It is also well-kept and is accessible all year round.

McCormick’s Creek Falls

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These waterfalls are found in McCormick state park, the oldest state park with abundant fossils that can only be observed at the park.

Out of the trails in this creek, trail 3 is the shortest and is the trail that leads to the creek's waterfall, which is the park's major attraction. Visitors can enjoy picnics, fishing, and horseback riding on guided trails. There are also playgrounds for children and a variety of games. McCormick creek falls is the perfect destination for a one-day trip.

Muscatatuck Falls

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Muscatatuck falls is in Muscatatuck county park and is one of Indiana parks with waterfalls. A Muscatatuck river supplies its water and plunges into a pool-shaped rock formation. The fall is just about two miles along the river trail, and it is considered easy to hike or bike along this path.

Hunting, fishing, and camping are all allowed in the park. Dogs are also welcome but must be on a leash.

Salamonie River Falls

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Salamonie state river forest has three gorgeous waterfalls. Around these waterfalls is a beautiful scenic view of its surrounding forest and several birds like woodpeckers and Eagles. This forest covers ‌850 acres and also serves as a recreation center. Visitors can explore this forest while enjoying the view of nature that surrounds it.

The forest has several interconnected hiking trails along its path, which might be muddy and prove a little difficult to trace. However, the beauty of its waterfalls makes it worth visiting.

Silver Cascades

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Silver Cascades fall is found in Shades state park. It is a 3000 acres of preserved forest. This park has two waterfalls, including Silver Cascades, which is the largest and one of the most attractive features in the park. Its waterfalls along steep stairs and is unusually convex.

Its surrounding forest offers a stunning view of sandstone cliffs throughout its length. It is one of the best places in India to spend a day admiring nature.

Williamsport Falls

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Williamsport falls sit at the height of 90 meters, making it the highest waterfall in Indiana. It has a hiking trail that spans over 1.5 miles and is generally considered easy to hike for all age groups. If you would prefer mountain biking, then bring your bike along.

You can enjoy some solitude along its paths, swim in its waters, or have a picnic with a group of friends.

This was once the biggest waterfall in Indiana, but now it gets dry after summer. So visit during summer to get the best of this waterfall.


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Indiana waterfalls are beautiful, but the volume of water varies significantly in different seasons. In autumn, most of these falls reduce gradually, and some dry up. While in winter, some get frozen, giving them a distinct but beautiful look. Sadly, these waterfalls do not have beautiful beaches around them. However, they look good and are places people should visit regularly. Like any of the US beaches, limited watersports such as swimming and fishing are allowed.


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